Brasil Yellow Cataui

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Origin: Brasil Single Origin

Process: Washed

In the Cup: Milk chocolate, sweet cream, bright and well balanced. Fantastic single origin made either black or with milk.


Watch out Coffee Lovers, Contains Coffee inside:

This bag might also contain something else you need: a sense of adventure, clarity, a connection with other bean freaks addicted to the mind-blowing bliss of bloody good coffee.


It took an inquisitive mind to experiment with those first coffee cherries – to pluck, roast and brew those first beans – and bring caffeine-laden goodness to the world.


Our approach is driven by that same sense of exploration and excitement so you can enjoy coffee at its best.


Grab a bag and get into it.

This is a Brasil Coffee:

Brasil’s 50-60 million bags of coffee grown each year make up 30% of the world’s supply, but a huge 20 million of those bags stay in the country. It’s safe to say that Brasilian’s love to drink coffee as well as produce it!

What does Brasilian coffee taste like? Much like the diverse geography of the country the different growing regions produce different flavours. Higher elevation produces delicate flavours and sweetness with floral and fruity notes. Specialty coffees have a couple of different flavour profiles with the most common being earthy, spicy, nutty, sweet and low acidity. With others often having a lighter body, juicy sweetness, gentle acidic tang and a complex flavour profile with notes of lime, white wine, flowers and spice.

Check out our other Brasilian single origins and blends in our shop to get your Brasilian coffee experience:You’re Special and Humanities Glue.

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Grind Type

Espresso, Filter, Plunger, Stove Top, Whole Bean


1kg, 250g


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