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Guatemalan Coffee Beans

Innovation, community, excellence are the key stepping stones we utilise here at Coffee for the People to ensure that our coffee is above the rest and we perpetually aim higher each and every day. As one of Australia’s most highly regarded specialty roasters, we’ve always had one simple goal: creating the best and most sustainable coffee in the world. We have accomplished to open our new and chic cafe in Seaford, Melbourne and are presenting our leading Guatemalan coffee beans that can be both appreciated in store or delivered!


We have a rocking team of people with a love of their craft, a palate for quality & a penchant for fun. Our door is always open to coffee crazed passionate people, great beans & new ideas. We have opened our fine Seaford cafe that we welcome all patrons to enjoy their coffee in a relaxing environment. When it comes down to the best coffee bean shops near me and Guatemalan coffee beans we are your number one choice! We put all our effort in our coffee and we also deliver to most areas in and around Melbourne, that way you can get your roast, when you want it and how you like it.


As beans from new regions make their way to our roaster, flavours inspired by these same regions make their way onto our menu, including coffee tastes from all over Central and South America and Africa. Every coffee is unique, we aren’t here to change its personality but highlight its strengths. If you value freshly roasted coffee and or Guatemalan coffee beans, delivered to you with no fuss; come join our family, we’re here for you. Contact us today if you need the best Guatemalan coffee beans and really want to appreciate your coffee.


Sophistication, devotion and deliciousness are the key pylons we utilised to build our lovely company. The idea of ‘fresh coffee beans delivery near me’ should trigger you to think of our Melbourne Coffee For The People Co. team. Delivering and catering to clients’ tastes around Melbourne really warms our hearts (much like a hot expresso shot). We have extensive knowledge and experience in everything that has to do with coffee and our beans have been handpicked to ensure client satisfaction. We take coffee seriously as the best Melbourne coffee roaster company! If you are seeking fresh coffee beans near me, or willing to give some new coffee a try, contact us today

It is our duty to make sure that your coffee experience is pleasurable. In order to do so, we have to make sure you’re getting the highest-quality beans. These organic beans are grown sustainably, so you can be happy that you’re not putting something harmful into your body. We hope that you enjoy these beans!

If you’re one of the many Australians that are looking for a decent cup of coffee, then look no further than the Coffee for the People Roasting Co. We are a leading team to provide a wide variety of fresh and delicious coffee.

We have spent years building our experience and knowledge to deliver the best tasting coffee to you. With us, you’ll learn what genuine coffee tastes like compared to internationally renowned brands that will satisfy your taste buds.

At the Coffee for the People Roasting Co, we are a family-owned business that’s managed by experienced cafe owners. We created a community of coffee lovers who come from near and far to taste the quality of our freshly roasted beans.

Today, you can get our high-quality coffee right in your office, home, or gym. You can even visit our little coffee shop in Seaford. At our coffee shop, you’ll be able to stop by for a quick and delicious cup of coffee and even grab a little snack on your way to work.

Jason Archer
Jason Archer
Great food and great service. Michelle is the best barrista by far..
Andrew Blackall
Andrew Blackall
A great cafe in Seaford for a lovely coffee. They even roast their own beans with a Seaford 3198 blend which is pretty cool as a local to see.
Gemma Johnson
Gemma Johnson
Lovely freshly roasted coffee beans. Nice to support a Melbourne based business. They have a great subscription coffee option too. ❤️
Ross Tait
Ross Tait
Great friendly coffee shop that roast their own selected bean very good food and coffee
Ian Gunn
Ian Gunn
Excellent coffee, food, and service

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