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Coffee makes the world go around. Here at Coffee for the People we have dedicated our lives to providing the residents of Melbourne with leading fresh roasted coffee beans Melbourne options that surpass your everyday roast. We have put in a plethora of effort, knowledge and determination to source the best coffee beans Melbourne. With a lifetime of experience and a wealth of knowledge, our team here at Coffee for the People are proud to deliver our phenomenally tasting coffee to your doorstep. Not only do we deliver, but we operate a family run coffee shop in Seaford that is home for our leading blends and beans. If you want to buy coffee beans in Melbourne that are of the utmost highest quality, come visit us!

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  1. Coffee Increases Energy – The caffeine in coffee stimulates the central nervous system to fight off feelings of fatigue and activate more positive neurotransmitters in the brain. Studies have shown increased performance among athletes who consumed caffeine before exercising compared to those who didn’t. This is because caffeine deactivates the adenosine neurotransmitter that tells your body you feel tired or fatigued 
  2. Coffee is a Primary Source of Antioxidants – Antioxidants are capable of disarming and deactivating harmful substances that damage your DNA and cells. The effect of antioxidants is that your body receives less oxidative stress that leads to serious health issues – such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. 
  3. Coffee Helps in Weight Loss – Coffee helps your body boost your insulin production, this means there’s more insulin in your body regulating sugar levels and boosting metabolic reactions. Meaning, when you drink coffee your body is faster at digesting and excreting unnecessary fat and sugar in your system. So, drinking a cup of black coffee before exercise will boost energy and weight loss reactions in your body!
  4. Coffee is an Anti-aging Drink – There was a study done with mice where coffee was shown to increase the longevity of cells involved in the ageing process. The mice who consumed caffeine had cells with increased regeneration which made them effectively younger or less aged than others. Similar effects have been seen among humans as well – so not only does coffee make you feel more energetic it actually keeps your body younger!
  5. Coffee is a great exfoliator for skin – Add coffee grounds to a little bit of coconut oil or yoghurt to create a magic exfoliator for your skin. Coffee can make your skin look shinier and smoother because it has many antioxidants that help restore your skin. Women have also noted that coffee scrubs help reduce or care for cellulite prone areas because it increases the blood supply and oxygen to the skin. 
  6. Coffee detoxifies your body – Coffee is a known diuretic that quickly flushes out your kidneys and increases urine production. Which means when you drink coffee, it flushes out your system and whatever toxins may be in your kidneys and liver. Just drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and enjoy a more healthy and toxin free body.
  7. Coffee is Great to Your Liver – Coffee appears to protect the liver from diseases, the science is still out as to why there’s a pattern between liver health and coffee. But, coffee is a known antioxidant, diuretic and stimulant so it’s possible that the caffeine helps detox and flush out harmful bacteria and viruses in the liver. 
  8. Coffee Lowers the risk of Diabetes – Coffee is great at activating your bodies production of insulin but it’s also shown to preserve the cells in the pancreas which produce insulin. The antioxidants in coffee also lower inflammation and aid in your metabolism and insulin sensitivity – all of which are involved in the development of Type 2 Diabetes 
  9. Coffee Increases Brain Health – There have been many studies done on the connections between coffee drinkers and the lowered symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzeheimer’s disease. Coffee drinkers have less cognitive declines in their brain health that cause dementia, pre-stroke symptoms, Parkinson’s and Alzeheimer’s disease. For more on that read this
  10. Coffee has a De-stressing Effect –  Caffeine increases Dopamine and Adrenaline levels which gives you a boost in mood and energy. Many people feel more awake and happy after a cup of coffee in the morning or in the afternoon. 
  11. Coffee and Depression are Linked – Coffee is known to help produce hormones such as dopamine in the brain. Studies have also indicated a pattern between coffee drinkers and an absence of depressive moods or suicidal thoughts. Coffee shouldn’t replace your antidepressants but it certainly boosts your mood.
  12. Coffee Betters your Heart Health – Coffee counters the many risk factors that lead to heart disease or failure. Coffee is a stimulant and it activates many processes in the body and it’s for this reason that many coffee drinkers have shown less symptoms of cardiovascular disease or illness in studies.


We endeavour to continuously improve our service and make a name for ourselves by selling the best coffee beans Melbourne. Our team has extensive experience dealing with coffee beans and really want to show Melbournians what a great cuppa tastes like. From organic blends, Ethiopian Sidamo all the way to intricate decaf options, we are the utmost respected and professional coffee roaster company in Melbourne. So buy coffee beans in Melbourne with reliability and knowledge from us here at our Seaford cafe – Coffee for the People Roasting Co. When it comes to the best fresh roasted coffee beans in Melbourne – we are your leading choice.

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  1. Coffee Can Help Grow Your Roses (and all plants) – coffee grounds have a high nitrogen content which is a great fertiliser for roses, camelias, hydrangeas and berry plants. The coffee grounds also irritate and kill slugs, so you can save on pest control as well.
  2. Make your own Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans – This store bought snack can be expensive but it’s a great way to use old expresso beans that you may have leftover. Melt chocolate over a low heat then cover the beans and let them dry and set on a piece of baking parchment. 
  3. Coffee Beans As Valuable Compost – Similar to how coffee beans are great fertilisers, they’re also great ingredients to add to a compost. The nitrogen and antioxidants in the coffee beans will add great nutrition to your plants when the compost is mixed together. 
  4. Coffee as a Homemade Pest Control – Smalls bowls of coffee grounds and beans are a great repellent for mosquitoes and flies. If you’re going on a picnic or camping trip, take some coffee beans with you and save money on other pest repellents. You can also crush coffee beans and sprinkle them in the garden for mosquito and pest control at home. Adding coffee grounds to your pet shampoo is also a great natural flea killer and will leave your puppy or kitten smelling delicious too. 
  5.  Coffee to Control Odours and Bad Smells – Is your refrigerator or freezer home to the smell of onions, garlic and other odours? Dry out some coffee beans and pop them into the fridge and let the beans absorb and control the smell. 
  6. Coffee as a Luxurious Skin Scrub – Simply add some coffee grounds to a bit of yoghurt or coconut oil and rub into your skin for a natural exfoliator and scrub. The coffee antioxidants will get to work bringing fresh blood to the surface of your skin. A coffee scrub will make your skin feels smooth, make it shiny and radiant, not to mention you will smell divine. 

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Experience elegance and sophistication when it comes to coffee! Coffee for the People delivers freshly roasted coffee – straight to your door, so you’ll never have to use old beans again. We sell the best coffee beans in Melbourne! Our coffee is also really easy to use – offering full flavour and an easy process no matter what machine you own. When you hear the phrases “buy freshly roasted coffee beans near me” or “fresh roasted coffee beans Melbourne” your mind should pinpoint to the industry specialists here at Coffee for the People. Contact us today!

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