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hairo v60 brew guide

Hairo V 60

What is a Hario V60 Brew?

How do I use my Hairo v60? Want to know how to brew the perfect coffee with a Hairo v60? We have the brew guide for you!

The Hario V60 Dripper was designed by a Japanese company by the name of Hario. The name of the V60 device comes from its shape, it is V-shaped with 60-degree angles.

The V60 has become a popular choice for coffee lovers in recent years because it delivers clear flavours and aromas, allowing people to enjoy a quality cup of coffee every time. For this reason, the V60 is one of the most popular brewing methods. You can brew an incredibly tasty coffee within 3-5 minutes.

What do you need to brew a coffee using the Hairo V60?

+ Coffee beans 24g (You want between 15-28g per cup)

+ Water 300mls (15x the weight of coffee per cup)

+ A Hario V60

+ Paper filters

+ Coffee grinder

+ Digital scales and timer 

+ Kettle and teapot/coffee server

Brew ratio 15:1 (1g=1ml so multiply the the weight of the coffee by 15 and that will give you how many mls to use) 

The water temperature should be between 91-96 degrees. If you are not able to set a temperature then use a normal kettle and allow the water to sit for 20 secs to cool before using it.

About the Hairo v60

The Hario V60 coffee brewer filters the coffee through a fine filter paper and is a great choice for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of sediment in their coffee. The V60 is designed to brew coffee without sediment. It works by passing hot water through the coffee which extracts the coffee flavour and collects into a mug or teapot below.

If water is added slowly to the coffee and allowed to flow slowly, more extraction will take place, resulting in a richer, full bodied coffee. If the water is added quickly and allowed to flow quickly, less extraction will take place, resulting in a lighter-bodied coffee.

This means the V60 is perfect for the coffee experimenter who wants to create different flavours and tastes from the same coffee, simply by changing the grind size and flow of water.


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How to make the perfect Hario V60 Brew

Measure out your coffee: Depending on how large you want your cup of coffee or how many cups you need to make, use your digital scale to measure out your 15:1 ratio.

We recommend 21-28 grams per cup measured using electronic scales for an exact weight.

For this brew we will be using 24 grams of coffee (which means around 300mls of water is to be used per cup). 

Grind your coffee: Grind the 24g of good quality coffee beans, you want them to look similar to granules of table salt or sugar for a nice balance of flavour. The more coarse it is, the less the water is able to extract, therefore the coffee will be weaker. If they are too fine then it will be a more bitter taste which can be overpowering. 

Set up your filter: Insert the filter paper into your Hario V60, and place it on top of your mug or teapot. 

Heat the water: Heat 300mls of water to 91℃-96℃. If you don’t have a kettle that will allow you set a specific temperature, boil the water with a kettle or pot and then let it sit for 20 seconds to reduce the temperature. 

Rinse the filter: Rinse the V60 paper filter with 50mls of hot water from a kettle or tap, then discard the water. This step will eradicate the paper taste and also pre-warm the brewer and mug or server.

Add your coffee to the filter: Gently add the pre-measured coffee grounds to the V60 filter and give a slight tap on the bench so that they are flat and evenly distributed. Do not press them into the filter as compacting them will make it harder for the water to pass through, resulting in a substandard brew. 

Bloom the Coffee: Blooming coffee is when a small amount of hot water is added and stirred through the grounds then waiting 30 seconds for the gasses in the coffee to escape.

Allowing your coffee to bloom gives the CO2 time to escape, so the remaining water can fully absorb the flavor in the beans. This creates a clean taste and brings out all of those exciting flavours that different beans and roasts have to offer. To bloom the coffee, place your mug or tea pot on your scales and zero them, then add 50g of your pre-boiled water to the filter pouring in a circular motion over 20 seconds from the outside into the middle. If you’re using fresh coffee, you should notice the coffee lift or bubble. After pouring is complete, wait an additional 25 seconds before starting the brew time.

Slowly drain the remaining water into the filter: Once the 25-30 second bloom is complete, gently add more water, until you’ve reached a total of 300g.

Use a slow and continuous pour, in the same circular motion mentioned above. Pour each new batch of water carefully, taking care not to disturb the coffee grounds too much. Aim for a total brew time of 3-4 minutes and allow the water to fully drain through and the coffee looks dry. After you finish pouring the water, give the mixture a gentle stir to make sure all the coffee grounds are fully immersed and extracted.

Swirl and enjoy: Swirling the coffee helps to evenly distribute the flavours, so give it a good swirl before enjoying!

hairo v60 brew

Once you’re finished, you can compost the paper filter and coffee grounds and rinse out the V60 with warm water. 

Tips to ensure the best quality brew

+ If the coffee is too bitter, it may be over-extracted, next time you’ll want to grind the coffee more coarsely.

+ If the coffee is too weak, it may be under-extracted, and you’ll want to use finer coffee grounds. 

+ If making one cup of coffee, then keep brew time to 3.5 minutes (this includes bloom time) you can brew for 4 minutes if you are making 2 cups as there will me a greater volume of coffee grounds which needs a longer extraction time. 


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