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Welcome to Coffee for the People Roasting Co Roasting Co, the leading team providing fresh, delicious and a wide variety of coffee direct to your doorstep. We are passionate about delivering immaculate tasting coffee backed by years of knowledge and experience. Discover what real coffee tastes like with world-famous blends that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. We always go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction, hence why we source the finest coffee beans. If you are seeking local coffee roasters near me, look no further than us here at Coffee for the People Roasting Co.


We are a family operated business and experienced cafe owners. We have built a community of people that come from near and far to Bear & Cub cafe for our quality coffee and freshly roasted beans. Now it is time for you to get that goodness at your home, workplace, gym, your other favourite cafes around Australia or anywhere else you think someone might be in need of quality coffee! Roasting coffee all comes down to enhancing the characteristics of the bean. Every coffee is unique, we aren’t here to change its personality but highlight its strengths. If you value freshly roasted coffee, delivered to you with no fuss; come join our family, we’re here for you – the leading local coffee roasters near me!


From organic blends, Ethiopian Sidamo all the way to intricate decaf options, we are the utmost respected and professional coffee roasting company in Melbourne. Most people are buying coffee that is old and stale, without realising it. Coffee for the People Roasting Co delivers freshly roasted coffee – straight to your door, so you’ll never have to use old beans again. Our coffee is also really easy to use – offering full flavour and an easy process no matter what machine you own. When you hear the phrase “local coffee roasters near me” your mind should pinpoint to the industry specialists here at Coffee for the People Roasting Co. Contact us today!

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