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Best Coffee Roaster Melbourne


Best Coffee Roaster Melbourne

Excellence is synonymous with Coffee for the People Roasting Co, as we go to great lengths to provide everyone with leading coffee beans and blends that will astonish. Seldom do you find the best coffee roasters in Melbourne, as each one has something unique, however when you experience a coffee roaster in Melbourne like us you will never want anything else. Not only does our lovely coffee roaster Melbourne team deliver to you, we have an established cafe that sells all our immaculate coffee tastes. If you want to try our beans head to our established cafe in Seaford. You can choose to pick up any beans you order online from here too.

best coffee roaster in Melbourne

“Everyone should believe in something. I believe I will have another coffee.”

The aroma of coffee contains more than 700 substances, and it is rich in caffeine. The original home of coffee is presumably Ethiopia. Coffee launched in the 15th century and came to Europe in the 16th century with the contribution of the Arabs.

Today, it is one of the most popular drinks in the world and our team here at Coffee for the People Roasting Co have pioneered the way it comes to you. We deliver our leading organic, Ethiopian and even decaf coffees straight to you without any hassle. This is what sets us apart from the competition and renders us the best coffee roaster in Melbourne.

Melbourne's best coffee roaster

Reliability, dedication and deliciousness are the key pylons we utlised to build our lovely company. The idea of delivering our leading coffee beans and tastes to clients around Melbourne really warms our hearts. We have extensive knowledge and experience in everything that has to do with coffee and our beans have been handpicked to ensure client satisfaction. We take coffee seriously as the best coffee roaster in Melbourne company! If you are seeking the best coffee roasters in Melbourne, or are willing to give some new coffee a try, contact us today.

Melbournes coffee roasters

Best Coffee Roaster Melbourne

At Coffee for the People Roasting Co, excellence is our top priority. We work hard every day to ensure that all of our customers have high-quality coffee blends and beans that will leave you wanting more and more coffee.

It’s rare that you’ll figure out who is the best coffee roaster in Melbourne because each one is unique. But Coffee for the People Roasting Co is genuinely something special. Our team in Melbourne will happily deliver our coffee straight to your door.

We also have a coffee shop located in Seaford. At our little shop, you will be able to get a delicious and healthy snack with our full-bodied coffee. You can also order our coffee online and have it delivered straight to your door.

The Coffee for the People Roasting Co is a business by a family and experienced cafe owners. We have worked to bring our top-quality to your homes, office and even the gym. We’ve brought our rich coffee to other popular cafes all over Melbourne.

We understand that we are just there to enhance the already unique characteristics of the coffee bean. These characteristics are what make each coffee special. We focus on the strengths of the coffee bean instead of trying to change what makes it unique.

In May 2016, Skye and Joshua established the Bear & Cub cafe in the beautiful seaside suburb of Seaford. The dynamic duo decided to open the cafe that creates a welcoming environment that feels like home and brings the community together.

Their biggest priority was to serve a “ripper coffee that feels like a big warm hug (and where one is never enough).” This goal eventually led to them roasting their own beans and a new business venture.

Two years later, in May 2018, Coffee for the People Roasting Co was born. Today we continue to work to make sure that our customers will feel at home while they are fed delicious food and drink rich coffee.

We have always been passionate about ensuring our customers have the best time when they order our coffee. We enjoy creating a community of coffee lovers that won’t have bad taste in their mouths when they work with us.

It doesn’t matter if you are a wholesale or retail customer. We are constantly striving to improve our interaction with our customers. We do this through our values, including integrity, progression, community, quality, and excellence.

Not only do we distribute coffee in Melbourne. We also distribute coffee to Victoria and the rest of Australia. We have the best selection of coffee beans at Coffee for the People Roasting Co.
Our coffee roasters will ensure that you have the freshest coffee beans, so you have the best cup of coffee each time you drink.

If you have a craving for something more than coffee, why not stop by our coffee shop to get a delicious takeaway. We’ve got crunchy toasties made on brioche bread that will have you wanting more.

It’s no secret that almost everyone loves coffee, and Australians are no different. Nearly half of every Australian drinks coffee. More than 1.1 million enjoy drinking a variety of iced coffees during the average week.

And there’s no surprise why. Australia was at the centre for finding new ways to create the perfect way to brew and even drink coffee. But Australian coffee culture is truly unique.

All of the country’s double espressos, iced coffees, and mocha are all made with top-quality ingredients; natural cocoa and 100% Arabica coffee. The smooth blend of the thoroughly ground arabica beans will give you a kick with each sip.

Australia’s coffee culture grew despite the war rations and prohibition years. It’s grown with the Mediterranean migration, milk bars, and the American GIs that happened after WWII.

The first written record of coffee appears during the sixteenth century in what is now modern Ethiopia and Yemen. However, there’s a good chance that coffee was consumed before then.

1788: The first recorded coffee in Australia arrived with the First Fleet
The first-ever record of coffee in Australia was in 1788. A fleet of ships first collected the seeds and plants when they stopped in Rio de Janeiro.

They were then first planted at Government House, but they didn’t thrive. At the time, coffee was an expensive and imported product. It was often cut with other ingredients, including chicory, to make it last longer.

1930: Migrants from Europe changed the way coffee was consumed
Then during the 1930s, Australia saw a new wave of new migrants along with coffee beans, grinders and their favourite coffee brewing methods. Australian coffee culture has been heavily influenced by Italian and Greek migrants.

This migration led to plenty of coffee shops springing all over the country. These coffee shops thrived because of immigrants working to outdo each other. Methods were passed down from generation to generation.

Near the end of WWII, Australia had a population of seven million people. During the war, at least one million American servicemen passed through or stayed in Australia.

During and after the war, there were strict tea rations which led to Australians looking for another warm beverage to drink. At the time, Australians welcomed the US soldiers into their homes and learned how to make coffee for them. There were even one or two articles published on how to make coffee.

Today, coffee is one of the most popular drinks in Australia and the rest of the world. Our team at Coffee for the People Roasting Co have been at the forefront of distributing coffee. We provide the leading decaf and Ethiopian coffees right to your door, without any stress.

We have built our company on three fundamental values: dedication, deliciousness and reliability. We are genuinely passionate about delivering top-quality coffee beans to both our retail and wholesale customers.

With our experience and knowledge in all things coffee, we can handpick our coffee beans to ensure you get a truly delicious cup of coffee. You can rest assured that we are serious about coffee. So when you think of the best coffee roaster in Melbourne, we should be at the top of your list.

We proudly deliver all freshly roasted coffee beans all over Melbourne and Australia! Delivering to locations such as Echuca Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Brighton, Carrum Downs, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Dromana, Mornington, Oakleigh, Preston, St Kilda, Brunswick and of course our home in Seaford ❤️

Cate D
Cate D
Love this place, we go several times per week. Great food, lovely service.
Maree Downes
Maree Downes
Excellent tasting coffee & 'baby cinos'!! Staff are always helpful & friendly to mum's, dad's & drive-by coffee lovers. A quaint but well set up community coffee cafe with a casual, friendly atmosphere. Menu has lots of tasty, mouth watering 'gear' available! 😊
Nick W
Nick W
The family come here often on a Saturday morning for a brunch treat. We've tried lots of their bagels, breakfasts, slices and pastry offerings - such a great selection for its size. Their breads are amazing and the coffee is wonderful. The atmosphere really warm and cosy and the service is great. Get the garlic loaf!
Chellese Carter
Chellese Carter
Best coffee and amazing service. Highly recommend this place. Been again. Go all the time. Love this place. Great artwork on walls for sale to. By Tiahn
Andre Rörsch
Andre Rörsch
Nice secluded place for a coffee and food. Friendly staff

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