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Ethiopian Coffee Beans Wholesale

Live, experience and taste amazing coffee! Here at Coffee for the People Roasting Co. we have devoted our lives to providing Melbourne with leading coffee options that surpass your everyday roast.

We have the effort, knowledge and determination to source the best coffee beans in Melbourne and are rated the best wholesale bulk coffee bean suppliers. With a lifetime of experience and a wealth of knowledge, our team here at Coffee for the People Roasting Co. are proud to deliver our phenomenally tasting coffee to your doorstep.

Not only do we deliver, but we operate a family run coffee shop in Seaford that is home for our leading blends and beans. If you want Ethiopian coffee beans wholesale suppliers that are of the utmost highest quality, come visit us!


“You had me at… Coffee”


Our team always tries to continuously evolve our service and make a name for ourselves by selling the best coffee beans Melbourne. The Coffee for the People Roasting Co. group has extensive experience dealing with coffee beans and really want to show Melbournians what a great cuppa tastes like. From organic blends, Ethiopian Sidamo all the way to intricate decaf options, we are the utmost respected and professional coffee roaster company in Melbourne. Buy direct from wholesale coffee suppliers in Melbourne with reliability and knowledge from us here at our Seaford cafe – Coffee for the People Roasting Co. When it comes to the best Ethiopian coffee beans near me – we are your leading choice.


It is always important that we always upgrade and watch the new trends, because, as the leading Ethiopian coffee beans wholesale suppliers we have to keep showing Melbournians how amazing coffee is and can be! Our 21 years of experience really cements our reputation as the finest coffee bean suppliers Melbourne, and we take pride in that.


Our Ethiopian wholesale coffee beans

HOUSE #TWO BLEND – With caramel and chocolate with fruity notes.



YOU’RE SPECIAL BLEND – With chocolate and hazelnut flavours.



ETHIOPIAN SIDAMOWith Cacao, dried fruit and nutty flavours.


PURPLE MOON BLENDWith cacao, fruit, wine notes.


3198 BLEND – Bold sweet nut with light citrus and clean bright notes


Want to know what Ethiopian coffee tastes like?


Ethiopia is widely accepted as the birthplace of the coffee beans and the cafe culture we enjoy today. It’s thought that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia as long ago as the ninth century, and today over 15 million people in Ethiopia make it their business to cultivate, pick and export the coffee we love to drink. So, it seems safe to say that coffee remains a significant part of Ethiopian culture.


There are myths and legends around the discovery of coffee as a stimulant; but the truth of it is, that the story of a single person discovering coffee and it then being created into a tasty beverage within a few days is a bit of a stretch (google “Ethiopian goat herder discovered coffee” to get the story). It’s much more likely that coffee beans were chewed as a stimulant for centuries before they made their way into our cup.


Coffee has become known and loved as a beverage in Ethiopia and beyond. Initially, in some parts, coffee cherries were crushed and fermented into a kind of wine. In other parts coffee beans were roasted, ground and then boiled before consuming. This way of preparing coffee by boiling it caught on as a custom and spread to other parts of the world, understandably being revered as potent medicine and a powerful prayer aid (can you give us a hallelujah for coffee!). Many cultures still prepare coffee in this way, giving it a great intensity and strength such as Ethiopia, Turkey, Greece and much of the Mediterranean.

You or someone you know most likely owns a stove top coffee maker, its delicious!


Want to know what Ethiopian coffee tastes like? Well, considering it has 99% of the world’s genetic diversity for coffee plants there isn’t a shortage of flavour profiles! There are particular flavour notes that are recognised in Ethiopian coffee regularly including berries, lime and red fruits. Naturally processed Ethiopian beans are also well known for their fruitiness and you can rely on their sweet notes to come through in any single origin or blend.


We highly recommend you jump into an Ethiopian coffee experience!


Experience elegance and sophistication when it comes to coffee! Coffee for the People Roasting Co. delivers freshly roasted coffee – straight to your door, so you’ll never have to use old beans again. We sell the best coffee beans in Melbourne! Our coffee is also really easy to use – offering full flavour and an easy process no matter what machine you own. When you hear the phrases “Ethiopian coffee beans wholesale” or “best Ethiopian coffee beans” your mind should pinpoint to the industry specialists here at Coffee for the People Roasting Co. Contact us today!

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Lorraine Page
Lorraine Page
The girls that work there are really friendly and nothing is too much trouble to do
Golden Kiwis
Golden Kiwis
I was on the hunt for freshly roasted coffee beans and found these guys! The best I've had - delicious! Thanks for the great service and amazing coffee 😁
Desmond Vis
Desmond Vis
Love the coffee here great little place to go in Seaford
Savannah McMaster
Savannah McMaster
Love it here - the spiced cacao is delicious - and the exhibits add a really sweet community feel
Ian Argent
Ian Argent
The grapevine spilled the beans about Coffee for the People, so I had to find out for myself… (Great fruit toast, by the way.)
Stephanie Relph
Stephanie Relph
Great vibrant cafe. Obviously very popular! There were cyclists, kids, dogs, all waiting for coffees, snacks or breakfast. Very friendly, helpful service and staff. We will definitely be back.

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