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flavoured coffee

Flavoured Coffee

Flavoured Coffee Melbourne 

Indulge in a sip and embark on a journey of flavours. Our coffee selection is crafted with care, offering delightful options such as Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel and fruity notes.

Each coffee bean is meticulously chosen to ensure a decadent and flavour-packed experience that will ignite your senses. Prepare to be enthralled by our exquisite coffees, designed to evoke excitement, inspire creativity, and provide moments of pure enjoyment.

Freshly Ground Coffee Melbourne

Choose your preferred size, flavour, and whole beans or ground coffee.

Match made in heaven!


 + Caramel 

 + Chocolate 

 + Fruity

 + Hazelnut


+ Light Roasts

+ Medium Roasts

+ Dark Roasts

+ Decaf 

+ Coffee ground for use is a percolator, stovetop or home espresso machine.

Origins + Blends

+ Brasil 

+ Ethiopia Sidamo/Ethiopian Toma

+ Papua New Guinea

+ Mexico

+ Peru 

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a new coffee drinker, your health may improve with each cup.


coffee Carrum Downs

Our Coffee Flavours


Flavours: Sweet, clean, juicy plum with dark chocolate and cream. This high scoring blend has a bold, lasting finish and reminds us of a more-ish black forest cake.



Flavours: Raw cacao, strawberry, rum and dark chocolate


3198 BLEND

Flavours: Bold sweet nut with light citrus and clean bright notes



Flavours: Full-bodied roundness, smooth yet complex body with balanced acidity. Notes of chocolate, caramel and milk with a rich velvety finish.



Flavours: Clean, bold, chocolate and tree nuts. This is a smooth blend with a pleasant lasting finish.



Flavours: Full-bodied roundness, smooth yet complex body with balanced acidity. Notes of chocolate, caramel and milk with a rich velvety finish.



Flavours: Clean, bold, chocolate and tree nuts. This is a smooth blend with a pleasant lasting finish.



Flavours: A blend of regular and decaf coffee beans, this beauty with brighten your afternoon (or morning!) without giving you the jitters. Clean, juicy and bright.



Flavours: Medium roast, clean and juicy with a full body and smooth finish



Flavours: Cacao, dried fruit and nuts



Flavours: Caramel and chocolate with fruity notes



Flavours: chocolate, hazelnut



Flavours: cacao, fruit, wine


Why Coffee Is Good For Your Health – Here’s How 

Increases energy – The caffeine in coffee stimulates the central nervous system to fight off feelings of fatigue and activate more positive neurotransmitters in the brain. Studies have shown increased performance among athletes who consumed caffeine before exercising compared to those who didn’t. This is because caffeine deactivates the adenosene neurotransmitter that tells your body you feel tired or fatigued 


Helps in weight loss – Coffee helps your body boost your insulin production, this means there’s more insulin in your body regulating sugar levels and boosting metabolic reactions. Meaning, when you drink coffee your body is faster at digesting and excreting unnecessary fat and sugar in your system. So, drinking a cup of black coffee before exercise will boost energy and weight loss reactions in your body!

coffee bean melbourne

It’s an anti-aging drink – There was a study done with mice where coffee was shown to increase the longevity of cells involved in the ageing process. The mice who consumed caffeine had cells with increased regeneration which made them effectively younger or less aged than others. Similar effects have been seen among humans as well – so not only does coffee make you feel more energetic it actually keeps your body younger!


Coffee is a great exfoliator for skin – Add coffee grounds to a little bit of coconut oil or yoghurt to create a magic exfoliator for your skin. Coffee can make your skin look shinier and smoother because it has many antioxidants that help restore your skin. Women have also noted that coffee scrubs help reduce or care for cellulite prone areas because it increases the blood supply and oxygen to the skin. 


Coffee detoxifies your body – Coffee is a known diuretic that quickly flushes out your kidneys and increases urine production. Which means when you drink coffee, it flushes out your system and whatever toxins may be in your kidneys and liver. Just drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and enjoy a more healthy and toxin free body.

Lowers the risk of Diabetes – Coffee is great at activating your bodies production of insulin but it’s also shown to preserve the cells in the pancreas which produce insulin. The antioxidants in coffee also lower inflammation and aid in your metabolism and insulin sensitivity – all of which are involved in the development of Type 2 Diabetes 


Increased brain health – There have been many studies done on the connections between coffee drinkers and the lowered symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzeheimer’s disease. Coffee drinkers have less cognitive declines in their brain health that cause dementia, pre-stroke symptoms, Parkinson’s and Alzeheimer’s disease. For more on that read this


Coffee and Depression – Coffee is known to help produce hormones such as dopamine in the brain. Studies have also indicated a pattern between coffee drinkers and an absence of depressive moods or suicidal thoughts. Coffee shouldn’t replace your antidepressants but it certainly boosts your mood

Betters your heart health – Coffee counters the many risk factors that lead to heart disease or failure. Coffee is a stimulant and it activates many processes in the body and it’s for this reason that many coffee drinkers have shown less symptoms of cardiovascular disease or illness in studies.


Freshly Ground Coffee Melbourne

Sophistication, devotion and deliciousness are the key pylons we utilised to build our lovely company. The idea of ‘fresh coffee beans delivery near me’ should trigger you to think of our Melbourne Coffee For The People team. Delivering and catering to clients’ tastes around Melbourne really warms our hearts (much like a hot expresso shot). We have extensive knowledge and experience in everything that has to do with coffee and our beans have been handpicked to ensure client satisfaction. We take coffee seriously as the best Melbourne coffee roaster company! If you are seeking fresh coffee beans near me, or willing to give some new coffee a try, contact us today

Lorraine Page
Lorraine Page
The girls that work there are really friendly and nothing is too much trouble to do
Golden Kiwis
Golden Kiwis
I was on the hunt for freshly roasted coffee beans and found these guys! The best I've had - delicious! Thanks for the great service and amazing coffee 😁
Desmond Vis
Desmond Vis
Love the coffee here great little place to go in Seaford
Savannah McMaster
Savannah McMaster
Love it here - the spiced cacao is delicious - and the exhibits add a really sweet community feel
Ian Argent
Ian Argent
The grapevine spilled the beans about Coffee for the People, so I had to find out for myself… (Great fruit toast, by the way.)
Stephanie Relph
Stephanie Relph
Great vibrant cafe. Obviously very popular! There were cyclists, kids, dogs, all waiting for coffees, snacks or breakfast. Very friendly, helpful service and staff. We will definitely be back.



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