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Seaford Coffee Shops

Seaford is a little seaside town, located in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs. It’s quickly growing with many lovely cafes and breweries. But did you know it is home to Coffee for the People Roasting Co?

Fun fact – we consume over 2.25 billion cups of coffee all around the globe, every single day. An estimated two-thirds of Australians drink a cup of coffee every day, and those that do total up 18.5 gallons of the brew a year – but that’s nothing compared to Finland, where people drank on average three times as much. As you are aware of by now – coffee is really important.


Have you been to Coffee for the People Roasting Co. Cafe in Seaford?


Here at Coffee for the People, we take pride in administering the leading and utmost delicious coffee beans in Melbourne and have one of the best Seaford coffee shops. With meticulous preparation and research, we take that extra step to ensure that we are rated as the best coffee suppliers in Melbourne.


“What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.”

Our goal is to continually supply only the highest quality coffees from around the world to our Melbourne customers. Our customers deserve nothing less and we are obsessed with developing the perfect cup of coffee and administering the finest coffee supplies Melbourne. We’ve perfected the art of coffee roasting and how we’re perfected the wholesale supply of coffee. We have also opened a beautiful cafe in Seaford for you to come and have a try for yourself – awarded as one of the finest Seaford coffee shops. Not only do we provide coffee supplies Melbourne, but we also deliver to all our customers.


Did you know we sell coffee for you to make at home?

We’ve got you covered for your home setup. Check out what we have on offer.

Why not go the Seaford signature 3198 Blend?



From organic blends, Ethiopian Sidamo all the way to intricate decaf options, we are the utmost respected and professional coffee roaster company in Melbourne. Most people are buying coffee that is old and stale, without realising it. We have put a great deal in offering our clients the best of best coffee, as we have years of knowledge and experience. When it comes to the finest coffee suppliers in Melbourne and Seaford coffee shops, your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company – Coffee for the People! Contact us today, or swing by our local cafe to get a taste of excellence.

If you don’t live nearby and need beans for your home set up we offer two ways to get free delivery!
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What coffee shop in Seaford is good for food?

Love food as well as coffee? We’ve got you covered! Our menu is inclusive, wholesome and fresh, with lots of options for those who are gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and also those who are gluten and meat lovers! We’re foodies and people pleasers so we love changing our menu and specials board regularly so you can try something new or stick with an old favourite.
We’ve searched to find the best suppliers to make sure we have the freshest, most delicious linseed rolls for your bacon buns, or the most gorgeous looking and tasting raw treats for your afternoon pick me up (or breakfast…who’s checking?). Our local baker Simone from Piggytail Desserts makes sure we are well stocked with slices, biscuits, muffins and cakes with so many gluten free and vegan options everyone gets to have their cake and eat it too. Noisette bakery are our main squeeze for breads, pastries (think croissants, bagels savoury and sweet danishes, almond croissants, Portuguese tarts, cinnamon scrolls plus more!)

What coffee shop in Seaford serves Gluten Free?

We do! Coffee for the People Roasting Co. uses Gluten Free 4U’s amazing selection of breads, bagels and wraps as well to make sure everyone has an option of deliciousness. Obviously, being a café we have the usual bacon, eggs, banana bread and avocado toast options, but we like to give them a twist with our rotating brunch plates, wraps and bagel stacks that are changed regularly on our specials board (updated in our Instagram highlights if you need a little time to make a decision before you come in!).

What about dairy free options?

We offer dairy free and completely guilt free smoothies that make you feel like you are being indulgent and are completely satisfying. With a basis of cashews and fruit with other goodies thrown in there depending on the flavour, you won’t be disappointed trying our pina colada, berry good or cacao pow flavours, you could have the traditional banana cinnamon though so yum! 

Jason Archer
Jason Archer
Great food and great service. Michelle is the best barrista by far..
Andrew Blackall
Andrew Blackall
A great cafe in Seaford for a lovely coffee. They even roast their own beans with a Seaford 3198 blend which is pretty cool as a local to see.
Gemma Johnson
Gemma Johnson
Lovely freshly roasted coffee beans. Nice to support a Melbourne based business. They have a great subscription coffee option too. ❤️
Ross Tait
Ross Tait
Great friendly coffee shop that roast their own selected bean very good food and coffee
Ian Gunn
Ian Gunn
Excellent coffee, food, and service


The Seaford Coffee Shop

Back in 2010, Josh and Skye started Bear & Cub cafe. Later the cafe expanded into the coffee bean industry, and merged into Coffee for the People Roasting Co. Skye and Josh are passionate about providing the best possible experience and service for customers. They love supporting our community to create spaces for you to be happily caffeinated!


We Support Local Artists

Every month we feature a local artist. They use our cafe as a gallery. No only does this give us and our patrons beautiful artwork to look at. But it gives the artists exposure and a place to pop their work on display. Some of our latest artists have been Bianca Mayers, Sarah Migliaccio and Scott Barker. If you are interested in displaying your work please contact us.

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