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Aeropress brew guide


What You Need for the Perfect Aeropress Coffee Brew

Aeropress brew guide

The Aeropress is the perfect way to make 1-3 cups of rich and flavourful coffee in just over a minute. The total immersion and rapid filtering process yields delicious coffee every time, and it’s easy to clean up afterwards – just a few seconds and you’re done!

+ Quality Coffee Beans- Coffee beans slowly lose their moisture and oils when exposed to oxygen, which in turn affects their flavour. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to buy whole beans and keep them sealed until you’re ready to use them. This way, you’ll always have fresh, flavorful coffee!

+ Freshly Ground Coffee Coffee beans contain natural oils that give coffee its rich and smooth flavour. However, when coffee beans are ground, they quickly begin to oxidize. This process is accelerated by humidity and moisture. To get the best possible cup of coffee, grind your beans fresh before each brew.

+ The Grind Depending on the brewing method, you’ll need to use a different grind in order to produce the best-tasting and most consistent cup of coffee. For the Aeropress, you’ll need a medium-fine grind for the best results.

+ The Ratio The ratio of coffee grounds to water is dependent on your personal preference of strength, however, we recommend a 7:1 ratio or between 14g-25g. 

+The Water– Bottled and filtered water is best as the lack of chemicals allows for an unaltered taste for a predictable cup every time.

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Tools and Ingredients

+Scales, digital scales if available

+ A timer

+ Freshly ground coffee

+ Kettle or pot 

+ Stirring spoon that is preferably plastic or wooden 

+ Aeropress

+ Coffee grinder

+ Aeropress paper filters 

What is an Aeropress?

The Aeropress coffee brewer was invented in 2004 by retired Stanford engineering lecturer Alan Adler. He created the Aeropress with the intention of reducing acidity and bitterness in a cup of coffee.

The Aeropress is a compact, lightweight coffee brewer that is perfect for travel or camping. It brews a single serving of coffee at a time.

It is easy to use, and its simple design makes it a great choice for those who want to enjoy a great cup of coffee without breaking the bank, by buying an expensive machine.

It is perfect for travelling and camping due to its small size too. 


Method for making the best coffee in an Aeropress

Measure out your coffee: To start with, measure out between 14g-25g of coffee beans depending on your preferred coffee strength. In this example, we recommend 21 grams to start and you can adjust from there if you want it weaker or stronger. Using your digital scale, measure out 21 grams of coffee (using the 7:1 ratio this means that we will be adding 150mls of water per cup of coffee). 


Grind coffee to fine consistency: It’s best to purchase coffee in small quantities and grind it as you need it. Be sure to use a coffee grinder, as chopping the beans with a knife can make them unevenly ground. The beans should be ground into a fine consistency. The coffee should be slightly finer than sea salt for the best results. There are also some techniques to grind beans without a grinder.


Heat water: Heat the water to between 91ºC-96ºC. If you don’t have a kettle that allows you to set a specific temperature, boil the water in your household kettle and then let it sit for 30 secs- 1 minute to cool to the correct temperature. 


Insert paper filter: To use a paper filter with your Aeropress, first insert the filter into the detachable cap. Ensure you rinse the filter with hot water to help it adhere to the plastic cap and reduce any taste the paper may add to the coffee.


Assemble Aeropress and flip upside down: Make sure the Aeropress is dry then assemble it, drying it ensures that the seal is functioning properly and avoids spills. Flip it upside down, ready to add the coffee. 


Add coffee grounds: Add the pre-measured coffee grounds to your AeroPress and zero the digital scale. 


Bloom the Coffee: Next, add about 50 grams of hot water (or double the weight of coffee you used) pouring it in a circular motion working your way from the outside to the centre, taking care to cover the coffee grounds completely. Blooming the coffee helps release carbon dioxide from the beans and leads to better flavours being extracted. This process should take at least 20 seconds to complete and you will start to notice the coffee slightly rise and bubble. After pouring the water through, wait another 25-30 seconds.


Slowly add remaining water: Once the blooming process is complete, pour the remaining 100 grams of water onto the coffee slowly and continuously. Once all the water has been added, stir the grounds for 5 seconds to agitate them. Let the coffee sit for an additional 30-45 seconds before moving onto the final step. 


Secure cap, flip and plunge: To make a delicious cup of coffee with your AeroPress, start by screwing the cap on tightly. Then, flip the AeroPress over a sturdy cup or serving dish and push down slowly.


Discard the paper filter and ground coffee Both the paper filter and coffee grounds can be composted. 


Pour and enjoy: To enjoy your coffee, simply remove the plastic cap and push the coffee puck out. Swirl the coffee for even flavor distribution. Pour your coffee into a cup or mug, add milk or cream if desired, and enjoy. Both the cap and coffee puck can be composted.


Aeropress tips and tricks

+ If the pressing feels to easy, the grind of the beans may be too coarse and you will want to alter to a finer grind 

+ If the pressing feels difficult as there is too much resistance, the grind of the beans may be too fine and you will want to alter to a more coarse grind

+ When it comes to making the perfect cup of coffee, one of the most important things you can do is invest in a quality coffee grinder. Grinding your beans fresh before brewing will make all the difference in the flavour and aroma of your final cup. 


Feel and indulge in fine coffee and sophistication when it comes to coffee! Coffee for the People Roasting Co delivers freshly roasted coffee – straight to your door, so you’ll never have to use old beans again. We sell the best coffee beans in Melbourne! Our coffee is also really easy to use – offering full flavour and an easy process no matter what machine you own.  Contact us today!


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