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french press brew guide


What You Need for the Perfect French Press Brew

How do I use my French Press? Want to know how to brew the perfect coffee with a classic French Press? We have the full rundown for you!

french press brew guide

+ Quality Coffee Beans: Once coffee beans are roasted, they slowly become drier with exposure to oxygen, and the oils (and the flavour they give) begin to dissipate. The whole beans retain moisture and oil more than ground coffee, but buying some good quality beans and keeping them sealed (or buying smaller bags if you do not drink copious amounts of coffee) will give you a better-tasting cup in the end.

+ Freshly Ground Coffee: Coffee has natural oils contained within the beans, that provide the rich and smooth taste we love in a cup of joe. Unfortunately, when the beans are ground, they quickly begin to oxidize as mentioned above, but at a much higher rate because the protective coffee bean casing is destroyed. If you live in a humid region, or there is a high moisture level in your home, the oils and oxidation will speed up even more, so grinding your beans fresh before each coffee will give you a better brew, guaranteed. You can buy our beans whole, or freshly ground.

+ The Grind: Every mode of brewing coffee calls for a different grind for the best taste and consistency. Since the French Press only uses the metal filter, you need a coarse, even grind, to keep those pesky remnants of the bean from sneaking into your cup. If you grind the beans too fine, you will likely have a “sludge” at the bottom, as the fine particles can bypass the filter more easily. 

+ The Ratio: Depending on how you like the strength of your coffee, and the size of your press, you can alter the amounts as required, but the recommended amount is 3 tablespoons of grounds to 1 cup of water (275 mls approximately), but this can be changed based on your preference.

+ The Water: Bottled or filtered water is free from sediments and chemicals that can cause the coffee to have an altered taste, so if you have a water filter (such as a Brita Filter), or bottled water on hand, it’s recommended to boil this for a better taste.


Tools and Ingredients

+ French Press Coffee Maker.

+ Freshly ground coffee. 

+ Filtered or bottled water (sub for tap water if required).  

+ A wooden or plastic spoon to stir the coffee before letting it brew.

coffee bean melbourne

How to Make Coffee in a French Press 

+ Heat filtered or tap water to 90℃ in a kettle or saucepan, or boil and cool the heated water to 90℃, using a thermometer or waiting approximately 2 minutes after removing the boiling water from heat. 


+ Using a coffee grinder, grind enough coffee for the size of your press and strength you desire. You can always start lower and make it stronger on the next batch if you are brewing with this method for the first time. 


+ Place the grinds in the bottom of the press with the plunger and filter removed, then pour the hot water over the grinds. 


+ With a wooden or plastic spoon, stir the coffee a few times to mix the grinds and the water thoroughly, then place the plunger on top of the press, without plunging it down yet. 


+ Allow the coffee to brew for about 4 minutes for a medium brew, but you can plunge it after less or more time, if you desire a lighter or stronger taste. 


+ After the allotted brew time is up, slowly press the plunger down (make sure the spoon is not in the press or the filter may break!), pour yourself a cup and enjoy!


French Press Tips and Tricks 

+ Buy a metal French Press if you are clumsy or if you are taking it camping, as the glass presses are delicate, especially when the glass is hot. You can also find insulated ones online for those wilderness weekends, or if you drink your coffee slowly. The metal presses also retain the heat much better than the glass versions. 

metal french press

+ Keep a coffee spoon on hand that is wooden or plastic, to keep the taste of the coffee pure, and to prevent any possible breakage of the glass when stirring the coffee. 


+ Invest in an electric coffee grinder to make it easy to grind your beans fresh at home, your tastebuds will thank you!


+ Change it up by adding in some milk (or milk alternative), cream, or sweetener if you like a creamy or sweet coffee. 


Discover the joy and ease of making coffee at home with the French Press, and uncover the world of a fresh brew you can count on in the morning! 

Want to buy a French Press?

We sell several types of French Press coffee makers. Check them out!



History of the French Press Coffee Maker

The French Press, sometimes dubbed as the plunger coffee maker, is said to have been invented in 1852 by the French inventors Mayer and Delforge however in 1928, Italian inventors Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta patented a similar design for the simple brewing vessel we use today. French or Italian in origin (we won’t get into politics here), this effortless yet efficient method of brewing coffee is a staple in many homes around the world, and will remain so even through the age of technology. 


The Understated Art of the French Press

This crafty caffeine cask has a simple yet effective mode of brewing coffee, resulting in balanced and pleasurable tasting notes for a perfect cup of coffee. This is easily achieved if done correctly, using accurate quantities of coffee for the size of the carafe, and freshly ground quality beans. The vessel itself is uncomplicated; It is structured with a glass or metal body, a metal filter, and a plunger.

The rounded taste profile of this brewing method is due to the high level of coffee oils extracted in the process. With a paper filter in a drip brew coffee, the paper restricts the coffee oils from flowing into the pot, but with a French Press, the metal filter allows the delectable oils to seep into the liquid (while keeping those gritty grinds out), which is why you end up with a perfect cup. 


Quality Taste with Minimum Spending 

The French Press is a cheap option to make coffee at home, in comparison to Nespresso machines and their equivalent competitor brands, or some of the high-end drip coffee machines on the market today. This cheap and effective tool is perfect for anyone looking to make their own coffee (that’s not the instant kind you see at a used car dealership), without breaking the bank. You can certainly splurge on an expensive press if you want, but you can find one for under $20 dollars that will work magic, so long as you have decent beans and a coffee grinder.

coffee bean Melbourne Victoria


Feel and indulge in fine coffee and sophistication when it comes to coffee! Coffee for the People Roasting Co delivers freshly roasted coffee – straight to your door, so you’ll never have to use old beans again. We sell the best coffee beans in Melbourne! Our coffee is also really easy to use – offering full flavour and an easy process no matter what machine you own.  Contact us today!


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