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Wholesale Coffee Supplier


Wholesale Coffee Supplier; Espresso, Filter, Plunger, Stove Top and Whole Bean.


As experienced cafe owners we understand your business, and this means we are more than just your standard coffee roaster. We listen to you and the needs of your individual outfit and use our skills and knowledge to make sure that you are successful. Every business that we supply coffee to is different, and our goal is to ensure you get the results you’ve been working towards.

Best Wholesale Coffee

Are you looking for the best coffee for sale? Look no further than Coffee for the People Roasting Co.’s wholesale coffee. Our beans are sourced from the tropical regions of the world, so you’re sure to get the freshest coffee around. Melbourne is a café hotspot, so many people have a coffee at least once a day. When you’re looking for the best coffee beans, you can be sure that Coffee for the People Roasting Co.has the best selections. Coffee for the People Roasting Co. coffee roasters can provide you with the freshest coffee beans to make sure you’re getting the best cup of coffee every time.


Coffee Service

We take great satisfaction from our personalised service where the owners and roaster speak directly to you and deliver your coffee.

We can respond to your needs quickly – like when you get smashed on the weekend and you’re down to your last bag of beans. We’re here to rescue you with a with a quick drop off. We want to see firsthand how our coffee is being used and more importantly enjoyed by customers.

Being on-site regularly means that we get to know your business, your staff and your customers. We’re in this together.

Wholesale Coffee at a great price

If you need the best coffee at great prices, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide range of high quality coffee beans. You will have your choice from regular or decaffeinated. We want to say thank you for taking the time to look at our products and we look forward to serving you. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.



We offer training that is available to all our wholesale partners and their staff. Our training involves experienced baristas working with you behind the coffee machine, that way we understand any issues in the processes and can help by applying practical tools and methods. We are on the frontline with you.

Every business needs the right employee training, especially when it comes to skills relating to customer service. It’s important to have your employees trained to make the perfect coffee brew. The coffee making industry is competitive, and we will make a mean brew thats hard to be beaten.

We provide professional barista training , to ensure your barista is well-versed in the art of brewing. We train baristas to make complex coffees, while still being comfortable making a cup of drip coffee. Not only do we teach them the essentials, but we also help their confidence that way they can do a great job for your business!

Layla Filies
Layla Filies
My partner and I came in for the first time today and had some amazing coffees and delicious food for brekky. The staff were all so friendly and really created a great vibe. We’re gonna have to make weekly visits!
Jason Archer
Jason Archer
Great food and great service. Michelle is the best barrista by far..
Andrew Blackall
Andrew Blackall
A great cafe in Seaford for a lovely coffee. They even roast their own beans with a Seaford 3198 blend which is pretty cool as a local to see.
Gemma Johnson
Gemma Johnson
Lovely freshly roasted coffee beans. Nice to support a Melbourne based business. They have a great subscription coffee option too. ❤️
Ross Tait
Ross Tait
Great friendly coffee shop that roast their own selected bean very good food and coffee

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We are Melbourne based wholesale coffee bean roasters, distributing Australia wide. We’re proud to offer fine roasted coffee beans to customers in a wide range of variations to suit all tastes. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best beans at value prices. Please browse our selection and discover the quality, flavour, and aroma that you’ll only find with Coffee for the People Roasting Co.

Whether you’re opening a new shop or wanting to improve your current coffee service, give us a call :

or email us :

We can shout you lunch, provide bean samples, spend time listening to you and share our philosophy too.


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