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Don’s Café | Mobile Café | Melbourne

Don’s Café | Mobile Café | Melbourne

October 10, 2023

Don’s Café is a mobile café that can be set up at various locations with its own set of equipment and selling delicious coffee and baked goods.  

Don’s Café’s mobile van is outfitted with all the necessary equipment to make and sell coffee, so you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee no matter where you are. 

Don’s Café’s take their coffee seriously. That’s why they chose to partner with Coffee for the People Roasting Co., a family-run business known for their exceptional coffee beans. When it comes to delivering the perfect cup of coffee, the quality of the beans used is absolutely crucial. ☕

Don’s Café’s use “GIANT SLAYER” coffee beans for one simple reason. they deliver an extraordinary coffee experience. This blend, crafted from the finest Ethiopian and Colombian beans, unveils a symphony of flavours think caramel, chocolate, and delightful fruity notes. 🫘

It’s more than just coffee bean. it’s an adventure in a cup with our coffee brewing skills, a journey of taste, and a connection to the world of coffee enthusiasts. Just as it took an inquisitive mind to discover the magic of coffee, we’re driven by the same spirit of exploration to bring you the very best. 🤎

Explore the rich diversity of Ethiopian coffee. Every Don’s coffee cup tells a story of flavour and origin. 🤝

For events call Don on 0431 431 609


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