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The Best Milk to Use for Coffee at Home in Australia

The Best Milk to Use for Coffee at Home in Australia

August 14, 2023
The Best Milk to Use for Coffee at Home in Australia

Ever wonder what the best milk is to use for a coffee at home? We have done the leg work for you to find out. We look at both dairy and plant based milks to work out which ones will work best for you at home.

To truly elevate the coffee experience, it’s essential to find a balance between the coffee and the milk. Quality dairy milk should not overpower or mask the unique characteristics of the coffee but rather enhance them in a complementary way.

Much like how we appreciate good quality dairy milk on its own , we must also prioritise and celebrate what milk goes well in a coffee. 

Whether serving in the home or regular café settings, we’ve found that bolder expressions of coffee – from classic/traditional styles to forward fruit bombs, chocolatey flavours to natural processed lots with extended fermentations or boozy profiles – can withstand richer and more concentrated dairy milks without compromising their identity. Finding this perfect harmony is key to delivering an exceptional sensory experience for both seasoned connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

Almond milk and Brazilian coffee make a perfect match, given their natural nutty flavour. When blended together, they create a uniquely flavorful combination that works perfectly in milk-oriented coffee blends. However, almond milk can also be used to contrast with other flavours like chocolate, citrus or hints of fruit found in Peruvian or Colombian coffees. This contrast helps highlight the distinct characteristics of the different origins of coffee blends and adds depth to your drinking experience. 

It’s amazing how two seemingly different ingredients can come together so harmoniously to create something truly special!

While we’re not convinced that pairing specific dairy alternatives with certain coffee styles is a must, one thing we can all agree on is that plant-based milk have come a long way in terms of refinement and adaptation to work well with coffee. 

Given this evolution, there’s now more room than ever for cafes to offer their customers carefully curated drink options featuring these dairy-free alternatives.

 By taking the time to understand how different flavours interact and pairing them accordingly, cafes can provide more personalized experiences that cater to everyone’s unique taste preferences – whether they prefer almond milk in their latte or oat milk in their cappuccino!


What is barista milk? Is it different from the milk we get in the supermarket?

Although regular and barista versions of milk may have similar main ingredients, the barista version has a unique ingredient profile that allows for more stable, steam-friendly milk. This makes it easier to pour consistently and create latte art with precision, which is essential for any coffee shop or cafe looking to create beautiful and delicious drinks. The difference between these two types of milk highlights the importance of using high-quality ingredients in creating exceptional beverages that are both visually stunning and enjoyable to drink.

Barista milk is a better choice when purchasing milk for making your coffee. Barista milk, whether it’s Almond, Oat, or Soy will inevitably froth better than using regular plant based milks.


What is the closest to barista milk I can get in the supermarket?

Nowadays, it is convenient to find barista milk in supermarkets. Minor Figures, So Good, Australia’s Own and Califia Farms are some of the most popular brands available for purchase.


Best Dairy milk for an at home coffee

We recommend – any fresh milk, that is not in a long life pack.

The fresher the milk, the fresher the taste of the coffee!

A2 milk woolworths
A2 Milk

A2 milk WoolworthsExtremely consistent and great texture, smooth, fresh tasting milk that is easy on the stomach and good company for any coffee.


Gippsland Jersey
Gippsland Jersey Full Cream Milk

Gippsland Jersey is in some Woolies, has super creamy formula, easy to froth and deliciously homey taste.



Plant-based milk 

When it comes to plant-based milk in coffee, there are different preferences among baristas. 

Some prefer a more neutral flavour that complements the coffee without overpowering it, while others enjoy the sweet and creamy taste of almond milk. However, there is an opportunity to expand our approach and find the “holy grail” of plant-based milk that not only pairs well with coffee but also highlights and contrasts its unique flavour profile. 

This perfect pairing should enhance the overall experience, rather than overshadowing or eliminating any particular taste. So let’s explore further options for finding this ideal balance between coffee and plant-based milk!



soymilk bonsoy


Bonsoy is one of the most popular soy milks as it is designed to taste very similar to regular dairy milk. It’s almost too good to be true, a plant milk that mirrors the creamy formula and taste of a regular dairy milk… what more could you ask for!



Milk Lab Soy Milk for Cafes

Designed specifically for baristas, milk lab soy milk is irresistibly creamy and so simple to work with, frothing has never been easier. Even though the name says ‘for Cafes’, you can buy it online at places like Amazon and Catch.


Vitasoy Cafe for Baristas

Vitasoy Cafe for Barista

Milk frothing is made simpler with the Vitasoy range, full of nutrients and the good stuff it’s almost like drinking regular dairy milk!



Despite the increasing popularity of soy and oat milk, almond milk has emerged as the top choice for coffee lovers seeking a dairy-free alternative. But what makes it so special? When we order a coffee with dairy milk, we often expect to enjoy a rich, full-bodied experience that satisfies our cravings. 

Almond milk stands out among other plant-based alternatives because it enhances this experience rather than detracting from it. Its creamy texture and subtle nutty flavour complement the coffee’s natural taste instead of competing with or overpowering it. This is why many consumers prefer almond milk as their go-to dairy substitute when indulging in their daily caffeine fix!


Milk Lab Almond Milk
Milk Lab Almond Milk

Milk Lab Almond Milk

Almond milk is usually hard to froth, however, with the milklab range, frothing almond milk has never been so easy & creamy. Definitely a must have for all the almond milk lovers out there.


Almond milk
Vitasoy Cafe for Baristas Almond Milk

Vitasoy Cafe for Baristas Almond Milk

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative though, look no further than the Vitasoy almond range, same great flavour and quality but for the lowest prices!

If you’re looking to get the most out of almond milk, there are a few tricks of the trade worth keeping in mind. Firstly, make sure you crack open the lid and give it a good shake before each use – this will prevent stratification and ensure consistent texture every time you pour. It’s also important to keep your almond milk refrigerated and away from direct sunlight to maintain freshness. 

When texturing your almond milk, start by introducing only a small amount of air; then submerge the wand tip for continued “whipping.” Be careful not to overdo it here as too much air can actually be counterproductive when aiming for high-quality results!




Vitasoy Cafe for Baristas Oat Milk

Vitasoy Cafe for Baristas Oat Milk

Just like the other plant milks in the vitasoy range, vitasoy’s oat milk froths like a dream, with the added creaminess of the oats you couldn’t ask for anything better.



Minor Figures Oat Milk
Minor Figures Oat Milk

Most popular at Woolies, the Minor Figures Oat Milk range offers you a froth quality of a cafe, from the comfort of your own home!


Oatly Barista Edition
Oatly Barista Edition

Oatly Barista Edition

Just like in the cafe’s the Otaly Bariosta addition with give you the top quality barista style latte froth you’ve been looking for.



Alternative Dairy Company Oat Milk

Alternative Dairy Company Oat Milk

Looking for the oat milk of your dreams? Look no further than the Alternative dairy company’s oat milk range. Freshly made with country oats, tastes just like home.


Not a fan Soy, Almond or Oat milk? Gives these other options a go!



Milklab Lactose Free
Milklab Lactose Free

Milklab Lactose Free

Using the best quality dairy milk and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities ensures that MILKLAB Lactose Free maintains the fresh taste of regular dairy milk with the added convenience of being a long-life UHT product.


Milklab Macadamia
Milklab Macadamia

Milklab Macadamia

MILKLAB Macadamia is also lower in sugar and fat than dairy, making it a popular choice for health-conscious consumers seeking a plant-based alternative with the same performance benefits as full cream dairy milk.


Milklab Coconut
Milklab Coconut

Milklab Coconut

MILKLAB Coconut is also a health-forward choice with 22 percent fewer kilojoules (calories) than the leading competitor. It’s also free from dairy, gluten, nuts, and soy.


Madame Tiger Nut Milk

Madame Tiger

Now you don’t have to compromise on protein, vitamins and nutrients if you skip the cow’s milk. Madame Tiger’s Original Tiger Nut Milk boasts a nutritional panel that rivals full cream cow’s milk. Now you don’t see that every day down the plant milk aisle!


Looking for the best coffee machines and milk frothers to use at home? Or how to make the best coffee at home without a machine. We have just the lists.

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  1. Very interesting article 👍. Some 6 years ago I started looking into dairy alternatives milk. It wasn’t easy to get used to. intially i started getting used to soy milk then Almond milk. However after trying VitaSoy almond milk for cafe I got hooked and I actually loved the taste way more than other top brand. Unfortunately you van not buy it for home use and not many cafes use it either.

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