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Scott Barker

Scott Barker

May 09, 2023


On viewing for the month of May
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Coffee for the People Roasting Co. is excited to welcome the artwork of Scott Barker from the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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The Moons Rhythm

How do you make your art? Tell us about the process.

The first step in my process when I start a new painting is drawing a very rough concept of what I want, I usually have a clear vision in my head of what I want and the emotion I want to show with the piece.

Then I start taking steps to refine the idea, gathering references from life, People, colours, quotes, history and sometimes even words from music that can help develop my idea.

The refining process takes quite some time because I meticulously design the painting down to every detail digitally before it touches paper.

Once the design process is complete I transfer it to Watercolour paper by drawing it again. From this stage I plan out each step I want to take because watercolour paint dries within seconds and minutes


“I need to be confident in everything I do, there is no room for error, no painting over the mistakes.”


Then I get started mixing my paints, picking my brushes, and tackling one section at a time, It’s almost like a colouring book at this stage.

Building up many layers till I am happy with the result.

scott barker artist
Love and Protection

Where are you from? How does this affect your work?

I am based in the south Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, close to the beach, not far from the forest. It’s a really nice place to live.

although it is really nice I don’t think that affects my work much, I’m very much a day dreamer, I have my head in the clouds half the time haha.

Always thinking about other places in the world, how beautiful they could be..hopefully, one day visiting all of them.

How do you develop your art skills?

My art skills are ever evolving with each painting i do. I try to challenge myself with every new one, taking risks and attempting things that i haven’t

before. Also the more I paint the easier it gets, each painting comes with a problem to solve which equals a good learning experience that i can take

in to the next painting.

artist scott barker melbourne
Just a Phase

Why do you make this type of art?

I make this type of art because it is a representation of me, I don’t really see this type of style anywhere. The Watercolour medium can be subtle yet expressive,

I find It quite relaxing at times, it pairs well with me and It reminds me of the ocean at times, its calmness, how it flows, and mixing paint with the water can have some amazing effects that take shape on their own.

What does your artwork represent?

The style of art that I make has changed over time but all of it comes from storytelling and emotions, how we feel, how we act, who we are, our strengths, our flaws.

My art helps me express my feelings, express who I am, a vulnerable side of me that is mostly hidden away. I am so inspired by life, nature, the world and

how we are all our own unique selves yet at times connected to each other in this universe where we all have the same shared emotions.

artist scott barker
To Embody Love

What does your artwork mean to you?

My art Is part of whoI am, art has always been a part of me. It makes me so happy, It’s my form of self expression, I love creating something from nothing,

I love being able to tell a story through my art.

For a while, the purpose of my artwork wasn’t something I thought of often, In my life I had only ever painted for myself. As my artwork becomes more public

I would like people to look at my work as something they can relate to, a feeling they have known, a memory of time, a happy place, something that brings them

comfort. Also, just an amazing-looking painting would be fine too haha.


Every month, Coffee for the People Roasting Co. welcomes a new artist to our space. We love everything local, this initiative adds evolving beauty and culture to our cafe. It gives exposure to local talent, and promotes appreciation of a variety of artistic media.

Interested in exhibiting? Contact Skye with examples of your original works. We’ll be in touch.

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