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10 Best Coffee Bean Roasters in Western Australia 2024

10 Best Coffee Bean Roasters in Western Australia 2024

March 02, 2024

Looking for the best coffee bean roasters in Western Australia? We have listed out our favourites.

Much like the rest of Australia, Western Australia also has a vibrant coffee culture and cafe scene. From the sun-kissed shores of Perth to the rugged outback, Western Australia resonates with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the inviting ambience of bustling cafes. 

Famed for its laid-back lifestyle, the inhabitants of Western Australia have embraced the ritual of savouring a cup of coffee at their local cafe. There is even the rise of the Perth Long Mac, which marks a noteworthy development in Western Australia’s coffee culture. This features a double shot of espresso paired with textured or frothed milk, poured to fill the glass to its brim. 

Western Australia has witnessed a surge in the growth of independent coffee roasters, mirroring the trend seen in its eastern counterparts. As the demand for specialty coffee continues to soar, Western Australia’s coffee landscape has blossomed, welcoming a diverse array of roasters dedicated to sourcing, roasting, and delivering the finest beans to discerning coffee lovers. 

Here, are the top 10 coffee bean roasters in Western Australia.


Grouch & Co


Grouch & Co, a Perth-based coffee roasting company, is driven by a predominantly female-led team with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Their dedication to quality and innovation has earned them prestigious accolades, notably the Champion Espresso title at the Australian International Coffee Awards. 

Beyond roasting exceptional beans, Grouch and Co proudly extend their passion for coffee through their vibrant cafe and comprehensive barista school, where enthusiasts and professionals can immerse themselves in the art of brewing.


Blacklist Coffee Roasters 


In 2019, Perth welcomed the arrival of Blacklist Coffee Roasters, a distinctive addition to the city’s coffee scene. Drawing inspiration from the ambience of a winery cellar door, Blacklist offers patrons a unique coffee tasting experience reminiscent of a culinary degustation course. This innovative approach allows coffee enthusiasts to explore a spectrum of flavours in each carefully curated cup. 

Setting themselves apart further, Blacklist introduced the Blacklist Club, an exclusive membership granting aficionados unlimited access to their exquisite brews throughout the month. With a focus on quality and creativity, Blacklist Coffee Roasters has quickly become a beloved destination for coffee connoisseurs in Perth.


Darkstar Coffee 



Darkstar Coffee was founded by a close-knit family, who embody a commitment to quality and community. Beyond roasting exquisite beans, Darkstar extends their expertise by providing comprehensive barista training and top-of-the-line machinery and accessories, empowering individuals and businesses alike to elevate their coffee. 

With their bustling cafe and warehouse nestled in Perth, they serve as a hub for coffee lovers seeking both exceptional brews and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, Darkstar’s wholesale offerings ensure that their exceptional coffee reaches far and wide. 


Micrology Coffee


Located in Osborne Park in Perth, Micrology Coffee stands as a beacon of excellence in the local coffee scene. Serving as trusted wholesale suppliers, Micrology ensures their carefully selected beans grace the cups of cafes and establishments throughout the region. 

Their pioneering subscription service caters to coffee enthusiasts, delivering Micrology’s premium blends directly to doorsteps on a regular basis. With an unwavering dedication to quality and a relentless pursuit of the perfect cup, Micrology Coffee remains a cherished destination for coffee lovers


Humblebee Coffee


Humblebee Coffee has two bustling cafes that serve as community hubs for coffee enthusiasts. Offering more than just a cup of joe, Humblebee offers convenient coffee subscriptions, ensuring a steady supply of their signature blends straight to the doorsteps of their patrons. But it doesn’t stop there – their brew kits, designed with the coffee connoisseur in mind, make for the perfect gift, allowing recipients to indulge in the art of brewing at home. 

Embracing a micro-roasting approach, Humblebee takes pride in meticulously crafting each batch of beans to perfection, delivering an unparalleled coffee experience with every sip. 


Offshoot Coffee 


Since its inception in 2018, Offshoot Coffee has been a trailblazer in Perth’s coffee scene, not only for its exceptional brews but also for its commitment to sustainability. With a mission to reduce carbon emissions, Offshoot uses the Loring S15 Falcon Smart Roaster.

As trusted wholesale suppliers, they extend their eco-conscious ethos to cafes and businesses across the region. Additionally, their subscription service ensures coffee enthusiasts can enjoy Offshoot’s ethically sourced beans delivered regularly. 

Beyond coffee, Offshoot’s café boasts a delectable array of sweet and savory treats for takeaway, catering to every palate. With a dedication to both quality and sustainability, Offshoot Coffee continues to redefine the coffee experience in Perth, one environmentally friendly cup at a time.


Margaret River Roasting Co.


Margaret River Roasting Co. place emphasis on community, unity, sustainability, and accountability, as reflected in the core values outlined on its website. With a steadfast commitment to these principles, they endeavour to minimize waste at every stage of their operation, demonstrating their dedication to environmental stewardship. 

Through their innovative Beyond the Bean program, Margaret River Roasting Co. actively drives initiatives aimed at bettering the community, fostering a sense of togetherness and empowerment. Beyond their ethical practices, they offer a diverse range of offerings, including craft cold brew, subscriptions, and tools, ensuring that every aspect of the coffee experience reflects their unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and community enrichment. 

Margaret River Roasting Co. is not just a coffee company; it’s a testament to the transformative power of values-driven business.


Leftfield Coffee Roasters 

best coffee bean roaster in western australia and perth

With over 25 years of combined experience in the coffee industry, Kamran Nowduschani and Louise Gordon, the passionate owners of Leftfield Coffee, bring a wealth of expertise and dedication to their craft. As a family-owned and operated establishment, they infuse their values into every aspect of their business, prioritizing authenticity and quality. 


Leftfield Coffee distinguishes itself with an emphasis on maintaining a diverse and sustainable supply chain, ensuring that only the highest quality coffee beans find their way into their offerings. Situated in the heart of Osborne Park, Leftfield Coffee serves as a welcoming haven for coffee lovers seeking a truly exceptional and ethically sourced brew.


Gesha Coffee Co.


Situated in the tranquil locale of Bibra Lake, Gesha Coffee Co. embodies the essence of craftsmanship and dedication that goes into every cup of coffee. 

Complementing their presence is a charming café nestled in Fremantle, offering patrons a comprehensive coffee experience. Gesha Coffee Co. prides itself on its commitment to sourcing green coffees from diverse corners of the globe. Beyond the beans, they extend their expertise through wholesale partnerships and a dedicated Barista Academy, empowering others to master the craft of coffee making. 


The Naked Bean 

Located in Albany, The Naked Bean has been a cornerstone of the community for over two decades. As a family-owned business, they have cultivated a deep-rooted commitment to supporting local community groups and businesses, embodying the spirit of unity and collaboration. 


Beyond their dedication to community, The Naked Bean is renowned for its premium offerings, providing both wholesale beans and equipment tailored to home baristas. 


With a focus on quality, community, and service, The Naked Bean remains a cherished destination for coffee enthusiasts and community members alike. 


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This article was written by Skye and Josh, owners of CFTP.

As coffee lovers, Skye and Josh from CFTP have spent years exploring the world of coffee, from studying different brewing methods to discovering unique coffee beans from around the globe. With a deep appreciation for the art and science behind the perfect cup coffee, Skye and Josh are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experiences with fellow coffee enthusiasts.

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