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Top 10 Best Coffee Bean Roasters in Queensland 2024

Top 10 Best Coffee Bean Roasters in Queensland 2024

April 03, 2024
Top 10 Best Coffee Bean Roasters in Queensland 2024

Looking for the perfect coffee bean roaster in Queensland? We explore Queensland’s coffee scene to uncover the top 10.


In recent years, Queensland has witnessed a significant surge in demand for coffee, reflecting a growing trend among consumers who are becoming increasingly discerning about the origins and quality of their coffee beans. 


This shift in consumer preferences has led to a heightened focus on the art of coffee roasting, with coffee lovers seeking out roasters who deliver exceptional flavours and experiences. In this article, we explore Queensland’s coffee scene to uncover the top 10 best coffee bean roasters, showcasing the diverse and thriving coffee culture in the region.


Wolff coffee roasters

Top 10 Best Coffee Bean Roasters in Queensland

Since embarking on his coffee journey in 1984, Peter Wolff, alongside his wife Penny, has cultivated a legacy of excellence in Brisbane’s coffee scene.


As one of Australia’s esteemed master roasters, their venture, Wolff Coffee Roasters, embodies a commitment to empowering consumers through shared coffee knowledge. Through their renowned ‘Wolff College of Coffee’ on YouTube, boasting over 100 episodes, they spread expertise and passion for the craft. 


They also supply top-tier espresso machines, equipment, and accessories, catering to both enthusiasts and professionals alike. Their dedication to education extends further with the establishment of an educational facility, fostering a new generation of baristas. 


Their retail space, Big Bad Wolff, offers patrons not only the opportunity to buy exceptional coffee but also access to personalised, in-person customer service from their seasoned team. 


Neighbourhood coffee

Alex Ridgway’s journey into the world of exceptional food and coffee began in 2009, when he embarked on the art of roasting coffee beans with unwavering passion. Alongside his wife Steph, they breathed new life into the historic Rainwood General Store, transforming it into the beloved Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters cafe. 


With meticulous care, they preserved its 1950s charm while infusing it with contemporary warmth, creating a haven for coffee enthusiasts. Amidst the fragrant aroma of freshly roasted beans, patrons savoured a menu crafted from ingredients harvested from their own kitchen garden, reflecting their deep-rooted commitment to quality and sustainability. 


Despite the bittersweet decision to close the cafe and shift focus to roasting, relocating to Albion proved successful. 


Their blend, Golden Ticket, garnered acclaim by winning two awards at the Australian Coffee Roasting Championships, solidifying their reputation as masters of their craft.


Parallel roasters

Based in Brisbane, Parallel Roasters embodies a mission of ethical sourcing and innovation in the coffee industry. 


They actively support coffee-producing countries by partnering with importers who prioritise fair treatment of farmers, fostering equality throughout the supply chain. With a relentless quest for novel and delightful coffees, they consistently seek out new and exciting varieties. 


Providing subscription services and wholesale options, Parallel Roasters caters to both individual enthusiasts and businesses, offering a diverse range of single origins and meticulously crafted blends that reflect their commitment to quality and fairness.


White whale coffee 

Established in 2010, White Whale Coffee has been dedicated to making the art of coffee more accessible, particularly for home baristas. 


With a steadfast commitment to ethics and fair trade, they ensure that every bean tells a story of sustainability and social responsibility. Their efforts were recognised in 2022 with a prestigious Business Excellence Award, a testament to their unwavering dedication to quality and integrity. Offering an extensive range of single origins and expertly crafted specialty blends, White Whale Coffee caters to diverse palates and brewing preferences. 


Additionally, they demonstrate their commitment to the environment by donating one percent of all coffee bean sales to the Reef Restoration Foundation. 


Complementing their offerings, White Whale Coffee also provides comprehensive barista training, empowering enthusiasts to perfect their craft and savour the perfect cup at home.


Gun cotton coffee 

Gun Cotton Coffee distinguishes itself not only with its cleverly designed camo packaging but also with a lineup of blends boasting names inspired by guns, such as the Artillery Filter Blend and Ak-47. 


This unique branding sets the stage for a coffee experience that blends old-school roasting techniques with modern innovations. Not stopping at coffee alone, Gun Cotton Coffee extends their commitment to excellence to their food menu, offering dishes that are truly “food to die for.” 


Their menu celebrates the abundant local Sunshine Coast ingredients, with plenty of options for those with dietary requirements. 


Fonzie Abbott

Founded in 2010 by Dan Pappas, Fonzie Abbott was born out of a deep passion for creating a brand that resonated with him. 


Over the years, the Roastery evolved into a Brewery and later expanded into a Distillery, showcasing a commitment to innovation and craftsmanship across multiple beverages. Their offerings include a rotating selection of single origin coffees and seasonal blends, ensuring a dynamic and exciting experience for coffee enthusiasts. 


Additionally, Fonzie Abbott’s Wishbone Spirit range has garnered acclaim, with both their gin and vodka earning prestigious awards. Catering to aspiring home baristas, they conveniently provide brewing tips on their website. Moreover, through their Farm to Palm initiative, Fonzie Abbott forges meaningful relationships with coffee farmers. 


Fox coffee 

Fox Coffee’s espresso bar in Brisbane stands as a beacon for freshly roasted coffee enthusiasts, offering a haven where simplicity meets specialty. 


With a dedication to making coffee approachable yet extraordinary, they curate an experience that delights the senses. Embracing both the art and science of coffee, Fox Coffee provides subscription and wholesale options, ensuring their carefully crafted blends reach everyone. For those eager to explore their offerings, they offer a convenient tasting pack, perfect for discovering the perfect blend or as a thoughtful gift for fellow coffee lovers. 


Additionally, Fox Coffee caters to warm-weather cravings with their cold brew concentrate, providing a refreshing alternative. 


Quest coffee 

Located in the heart of Burleigh Heads since 2009, Quest Coffee stands out for its simplicity, eco-friendly practices, and social consciousness. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, they meticulously source fresh beans to ensure optimal flavour profiles, utilising them within a window of 5 days to 5 weeks post-roasting. 


Catering to both wholesale clients and individual coffee enthusiasts, Quest Coffee offers a range of coffee supplies and equipment to meet diverse needs. For those seeking a more seamless coffee experience, they provide subscription services, ensuring a steady supply of freshly roasted beans delivered right to your doorstep. 


Within their cosy cafe on James Street, customers can treat themselves to indulgent, house-baked cakes.


Flying west

Flying West embarked on its coffee journey at the bustling Eumundi Markets before blossoming into a dedicated roastery. Their collection includes a diverse selection of single origin offerings and expertly crafted blends, catering to a spectrum of coffee preferences. In a significant milestone in 2018, they unveiled the Tender Shed, transforming it into a modern café where patrons can witness the roasting process firsthand. 


Embracing sustainability, Flying West operates on solar power and proudly serves its brews in 100% compostable takeaway cups, demonstrating a commitment to the environment. Whether enjoying a cup in the café or on the go, customers can savour Flying West‘s commitment to quality and sustainability with every sip.


Slide coffee

Nestled in the sun-kissed shores of Coolum Beach, Slide Coffee Roasters epitomises a values-led business, with a profound commitment to community, sustainability, and craft every cup with love. 


Beyond mere coffee, they see their brews as a way to bring people together, fostering connections within the community. 


Upholding their values, Slide Coffee Roasters utilises recyclable packaging and shuns plastic, opting for bioplastic-free takeaway cups. Embracing sustainability further, they power most of their operations with a solar system, minimising their environmental footprint. 


With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Slide Coffee Roasters maintains impeccable standards in their roasting, brewing, and service. In every aspect, Slide Coffee Roasters embodies the ethos of community, sustainability, and love. 



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This article was written by Skye and Josh, owners of CFTP.

As coffee lovers, Skye and Josh from CFTP have spent years exploring the world of coffee, from studying different brewing methods to discovering unique coffee beans from around the globe. With a deep appreciation for the art and science behind the perfect cup coffee, Skye and Josh are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experiences with fellow coffee enthusiasts.

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