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Guide to the Best Bagels in Melbourne (2024)

Guide to the Best Bagels in Melbourne (2024)

January 20, 2024
guide to the best bagels in melbourne 2023

Melbournians love good food, and bagels are no exception. Finding the perfect bagel place can be a challenge, so let us help you out!

There are many factors to consider, such as texture, flavour, and freshness. Fortunately, there are plenty of great bagel places across Melbourne, from traditional bakeries to modern cafes that put their own spin on the classic bagel.

Having a hard time finding the best bagels in Melbourne? Look no further. Here is our state-wide guide to finding your perfect bagel. Before you know it you will be on your routine visit to your favourite spot to enjoy a fresh bagel.

Bowery to Williamsburg

guide to the best bagels in Melbourne Bowery to Williamsburg

16 Oliver Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Who are they?

This NYC diner-style eatery pays tribute to the Bowery subway station in New York City. It accommodates 60 guests, with a big communal indoor table, outdoor cafeteria-style tables, and smaller intimate areas for a private brunch. Perfect for a coffee break, or a quick bite before your next venture.

Their bagels

Bowery to Williamsburg is rumoured for having the best food, service and prices, which are  complimented by a “quirky menu and a great atmosphere.” Locals share that ‘B2W’ is a place that they happily “return to day after day” and regulars state that it is their “favourite place to stop in the city.” A visit to Bowery to Williamsburg will leave you with a warm feeling from its inviting ambience and NYC essence.  Why not try the smoked salmon and cream cheese with red onion, yum!


Jungle Juice Bar

jungle juice the best bagles in melbourne

 Shop/20 Centre Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000

Who are they?

As an established cafe offering coffee, bagels, and freshly-squeezed juices in a cosy, minimalist setting. A well-loved destination for locals and visitors alike, the long-standing cafe has a familiar atmosphere that adds to the charm of the place, making customers feel right at home. Despite the many menu items available, the cafe is particularly known for its brilliant bagels.

Their bagels

In addition to bagels, Jungle Juice Bar offers a range of smoothies, juices, and healthy food options, making it a popular spot for health-conscious customers looking for a nutritious breakfast or lunch option. The cafe’s relaxed and inviting atmosphere makes it a great place to catch up with friends or grab a quick bite to eat.

Try their ‘Vego’, which is avo, tomato, cheese and Tobasco sauce with rocket and mayo.

Bissel B.

Guide to the best bagels in Melbourne Bussel B.

111 Bridge Rd, Richmond VIC 3121

Who are they? 

Bissel B Bagels offers soft, fluffy stacked bagels crafted by a sibling duo. Located on Bridge Road in Richmond, Bissel B take great pride in sourcing fresh, organic produce from local suppliers to ensure the highest quality ingredients. Their team prepares all of the food in-house for the freshest bagels. 


Their bagels

Bissel B is renowned for making the best and freshest bagels; from plain to everything bagels, the business’s extensive selection of fresh, mouth-watering bagels has something to satisfy every craving. The quality of the bagels is a major draw for customers, who come back time and time again for the exceptional taste and texture.

Try the TUNA MELT! Tuna mix with Celery, Red Onion, Dill, Parsley, Mayo & Dijon Mustard. Topped with fresh Tomato and House Cheese Sauce.



guide to the best bagels in melbourne glicks

330 Carlisle St, Balaclava VIC 3183

Who are they?

Glick’s Bagels is an iconic bakery chain in Australia that has been serving delicious, authentic bagels for decades. They take pride in their reputation as the largest and finest kosher bakery in the country. For many years, Glick’s has been captivating customers with its varied assortment of delectable sweet and savoury treats. 

Their bagels

The high quality of Glick’s bagels is something that customers appreciate and cherish.

The business’s commitment to using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients has resulted in bagels that are known for their delectable taste and texture. Customers who appreciate authenticity seek out these handcrafted bagels for their unique flavour and texture, which are unmatched by other bagels.

Whether enjoyed plain, toasted with cream cheese, or loaded with toppings, Glick’s bagels are sure to satisfy any craving.


Huff Bagelry

huff balgels best bagels in melbourne

13 Como Parade W, Mentone VIC 3194

Who are they?

With locations in Carnegie and Mentone, Huff Bagely welcomes a modern yet cosy environment for you to enjoy their bagels. Their coffee and bagel menus are written on blackboards for a rustic look which contrasts their bright and open dining space. Both of their cafes are conveniently located near a train station, making it an easily accessible spot for commuters and locals alike. The business has received positive feedback from customers about its wonderful staff, who provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for guests.


Their bagels

Huff Bagelry in Mentone is renowned for its exceptional bagels, which are made using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients. The bagels come in a variety of flavours, including plain, sesame, poppy seed, cinnamon raisin, and everything. Customers can choose to have their bagels toasted and topped with a variety of spreads, such as cream cheese, jam, or butter, or opt for a breakfast sandwich or bagel burger. The business’s commitment to quality and authenticity has earned it a reputation as one of the best bagel spots in the area. Some customers have also mentioned that they appreciate the transparency and freshness that comes with seeing their bagels being made then and there. 



guide to the best bagels in melbourne bagelicious

1/1-3 Carre St, Elsternwick VIC 3185

Who are they? 

Bagelicious is a popular bagel spot located in Elsternwick. The business prides itself on serving authentic New York-style bagels made fresh daily with high-quality ingredients. The cosy and casual atmosphere makes it a popular spot for breakfast, brunch, or a quick snack. Bagelicious also offers catering services for events and corporate meetings.

Their bagels

Customers can choose from a variety of bagel flavours, including classic plain, sesame, poppy seed, garlic, and everything, as well as a selection of specialty bagels such as chocolate chip and blueberry. Bagelicious also offers a range of spreads and toppings, including cream cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, and more. 


Schmucks Bagels

guide to the best bagels in Melbourne Schmucks

Guests Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Who are they?

Schmucks Bagels is a Fitzroy-based bagel shop that is well-known for its fresh and flavorful bagels. Using traditional methods, the cafe prepares a range of bagel flavours each day. The cafe’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere combined with the delicious bagels makes Schmucks Bagels a popular destination for bagel lovers in Melbourne.

Their bagels

Schmucks Bagels in Fitzroy, Melbourne, offers a range of unique and delicious bagel flavours, including the popular Nutella, freeze-dried berries, and almond butter bagels. These bagels are crafted using high-quality ingredients and traditional methods, resulting in a soft and chewy texture with a burst of flavour in every bite. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury bagels, Schmucks Bagels has something to suit every taste bud.



guide to the best bagels in melbourne 2023

37 Armstrongs Rd, Seaford VIC 3198

About them

Coffee for the People Roasting Co. is a family owned and run business with a passion for providing their local community with the freshest coffee and most delicious food. The now popular and established business was once known as ‘Bear & Cub’, a small café established by two Seaford locals in May 2016. A desire to create a homely space that brings the community together sparked the idea for this café, and it is obvious that even now their passion has only grown.


Their bagels

Coffee for the People Roasting Co. have searched high and low to source the best suppliers and ensure their customers are served only the freshest, most delicious bagels. The selection of breads and pastries are sourced from the popular traditional French Bakery known as ‘Noisette’. With their selection of croissants, bagels, danishes, Portuguese tarts, cinnamon scrolls and more, there is bound to be something for everyone. This is even more true as Coffee for the People Roasting Co. also use Gluten Free 4U’s breads, bagels and wraps for those with dietary requirements.



As coffee lovers, Skye and Josh from CFTP have spent years exploring the world of coffee, from studying different brewing methods to discovering unique coffee beans from around the globe. With a deep appreciation for the art and science behind the perfect cup coffee, Skye and Josh are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experiences with fellow coffee enthusiasts.

Want to try their coffee? Head into their Seaford cafe, or purchase some beans online.

Coffee for the People Roasting Co.

37 Armstrongs Rd, Seaford VIC 3198

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