Colombian Popayan Reserve




Origin: Colombia

Process: Washed

In the Cup: Full-bodied roundness, smooth yet complex body with balanced acidity. Notes of chocolate, caramel and milk with a rich velvety finish.

Beware In the Coffee Bag:

This bag might also contain something else you need: a sense of adventure, clarity, a connection with other bean freaks addicted to the mind-blowing bliss of bloody good coffee.

It took an inquisitive mind to experiment with those first coffee cherries – to pluck, roast and brew those first beans – and bring caffeine-laden goodness to the world.

Our approach is driven by that same sense of exploration and excitement so you can enjoy coffee at its best.

Grab a bag and get into it.

This is a Colombia coffee bean, what does that mean?

Colombia is a land which is particularly suited to growing quality coffee, with dozens of micro-climates across thousands of miles it is estimated that there are over 600,000 coffee producing farmers in the country. Nutrient dense mountains, wet climate and high elevation all provide the picturesque landscape to easily produce world class coffee beans.

Because of frequent rains, most Colombian processing stations use the washed method, resulting in coffee with a crisp acidity, pleasant sweetness, and a high level of flavour clarity.

There are actually two harvest seasons in Colombia. The first is from March to June, though a second, smaller harvest period occurs between September and December.

What does Colombian coffee taste like?

Want to know what Colombian coffee tastes like? With such a large portion of the country producing coffee there are diverse flavours depending on which origin you choose. In Northern regions the lower altitudes with higher temperatures give a full body with deeper flavour notes. In the Central coffee belt the beans tend to be well-rounded with nutty and chocolate flavours, gentle sweetness and mellow acidity. In Southern areas with high elevation the coffee produced leans toward a higher acidity level (think brightness in your cup), floral aromas and complex flavour profiles.

We love roasting Colombian coffee for all its diversity and rich flavours, check our these singles and blends in our shop to have a Colombian coffee experience for yourself! Our other Colombian coffee are: Humanities Glue and House #Two.

Colombian Coffee Melbourne

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1kg, 250g

Grind Type

Espresso, Filter, Plunger, Stove Top, Whole Bean


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