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Why We Love Seaford – Top 10 Things To See and Do

Why We Love Seaford – Top 10 Things To See and Do

June 28, 2023
why we love seaford - top 10 things to see and do

Want the low down on Seaford? We tell you the top 10 things to do and see in our beautiful Seaford – Beaches, walks, wetlands, cafes, restaurants & markets.

Seaford is a lovely beach town that boasts one of the best beaches in Melbourne, with a range of walking trails and a wide variety of cafes and restaurants. 

With easy access off the Nepean Highway or the Mornington Peninsula Freeway, Seaford is only 36 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, making it an easy day trip from anywhere in Melbourne, or a perfect stop-off on the way down the Peninsula. 


Neil Mcarthy Seaford Beach

Image credit @neil_mccarthy_photography


Seaford was established in the 1910s, following the construction of homes outside of Frankston, and became the location of the Seaford Railway Station in 1913. Due to the cheap land price, the population grew significantly post-war in the 1950s, where today the population sits at over 17,000. 

The traditional owners of the land in Seaford are the Bunurong Tribe, who thrived off the flora and fauna that the Karrum Karrum swampland and Kananook Creek provided. Today, we still pay respect to the traditional landowners, who have inhabited this land for many generations.


Seaford’s Top 10 Must See and Do List

1) Walk the Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands Track


Image credit @mike_launder_photography

The Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands is an ecological oasis, brimming with wildlife. The wetlands are a perfect location for birdwatching, due to the high number of native water birds that flock to the wetlands, including the Australasian Bittern, which is on the endangered list. 

Over 190 various bird species have been recorded in the wetland – you can visit the Bird Hide off Edithvale Road on weekends, between 1 pm to 5 pm. If you are an avid birdwatcher, the best times to visit go between October to March. There is also a large population of Eastern Grey Kangaroos, which were introduced with sterile males, one of which found a female mate, which spurred the population growth. 

The Wetlands Track is a great place to run or walk, and somewhere special to take your kids to go view some of the amazing wildlife the Wetlands has to offer. The track is 5 kilometres, and dogs are allowed, so long as they are leashed. 

Originally, the Wetlands stretched all the way from Mordialloc however, the majority of this land was reclaimed, for the purpose of building houses. 

The track can be ridden the whole way around on a bike or scooter. So a great one to take the kids to.


2) Visit the Seaford Beach

visit seaford beach

Image credit @vaughanlawsphotography

Seaford Beach is a coastal haven, with white sandy beaches that sprawl 4.6 kilometres, and untouched, protected sand dunes. The beach is only 250 meters from Seaford station, and 100 meters off Nepean Highway, making it an easy, but beautiful beach to spend the day at. 

The sand is reminiscent of a beach in Fiji, so you can escape the city and relax in a faux-tropical refuge, without the expenses of an international flight! The water is calm, so it is suitable for swimming with children or for anyone who is not a strong swimmer. Look out for jellyfish, as they can be seen in the warmer months.

There are communal BBQs and picnic tables next to the car park, so you can cook up a feast for lunch or dinner, and enjoy it on the foreshore. 

If you’re looking for a day filled with fun in the sun, then you have come to the right place! Seaford beach is nice and still, so it is a great place for water activities like stand-up paddle boarding, paragliding and parasailing.

If you are lucky you might spot a seal on the shore.


3) Grab a Coffee at Coffee for the People Roasting Co.

grab a coffee in seaford

Coffee of the People Roasting Co. is a Seaford-born and bred establishment, that originated as a cafe created by Seaford locals Skye and Josh, but morphed into a coffee roasting company in 2018, with the goal in mind to provide delicious coffee beans to all that seek pleasure in a cup of perfectly roasted coffee. 

Coffee of the People ships their caffeinated art across the whole of Australia, which can be easily purchased online for personal use, or wholesale for cafes and restaurants. 

If you are looking for a tasty bite to eat, look no further than this wholesome cafe, where you can have a leisurely brunch with your friends, family, or solo! Sit back and relax with a cup of their famous brew, that is sure to leave you hanging for more. 


4) Walk or Run the Foreshore

Seaford beach

Image credit @neil_mccarthy_photography

The Seaford Foreshore is a perfect walking or running track that feels like you have left suburbia and found yourself down at Wilsons Promontory. The track spans 5 kilometres each way, and is a mixture of sand and dirt, making it an ideal track for a jog or flora-filled walk on a sunny day.  You will be sure to spot some native birds and wildlife, but beware of snakes on hot summers days! 

Stop and check on the beach at one of the many beachside entrances off the trail, or branch off the trail to grab a coffee or drink at a cafe near the Seaford Pier. 

The trail itself can be followed into Frankston, by walking along the Foreshore, or along the Kananook Creek Trail. Check out the trail map to plan your journey. You can walk your dogs along the trail, so long as they are leashed, with restrictions in place from December 1st to March 31st. 


5) Kayak or Canoe Down the Kananook Creek

seaford creek

Looking for the perfect weekend activity for you and the family? Perhaps it’s time to try to canoe or kayak down the idyllic Kananook Creek, which has multiple launching pads for you to paddle or drift through the water. You can watch for birds and wildlife that reside along with this aquatic habitat, and relax in the peace along the creek. 

For more information, memberships and tours, check out the Kananook Creek Canoe Club website or Kananook Creek Association and plan your next adventure.


6) Silent Disco on the Pier


Image credit @pohss_studio

Music is an essential part of our culture. We use it to release tension, celebrate, and communicate with each other. Whether it’s at a club or a family wedding, or now down on Seaford pier, music is something that will always bring us together.

To help grow & build courage & confidence through movement & connection. And to encourage others to feel fab being seen their way.”

If you like to dance, check out the Seaford silent disco events run by POHSS. The silent discos help promote the idea of community and bringing people together in a fun way. Embrace the moment, and allow your body to move out in the open. 


7) Sip on a Cocktail at 38 South

Seaford cocktails

Image credit @38southbarcafe

Family-owned and operated restaurant and cafe 38 South is a staple for locals, with delicious brunches, silky smooth coffees, a changing dinner menu and some of the best cocktails in the South East. 

Tempt your palate with one of the many unique and handcrafted cocktails created in house, or feast on a delectable meal, all in the comfort of your home away from home, 38 South.


8) Feast on Tapas at the Spanish Bar

Spanish Bar Seaford

Image credit @spanishbar_seaford

Una mas cerveza por favor? You are in luck with the tasty tapas and thirst-quenching drinks at the Spanish Bar in Seaford, located next to the Creek, only a stone’s throw from the train station. Love paella, sangria or tapas? The Spanish Bar has you covered, and even has been visited by the singer Pink, on her tour in 2018!

With a wide variety of food and drink, and live music, this is a must-try in the Seaford precinct. 



9) Grab a Gelato at Gelato Unou

Gelato Uno Seaford

Image credit @gelato_unou

A hot Melbourne summer’s day is not complete without an ice-cold, mouth-wateringly delicious gelato, made fresh in-store. Cold, windy winter day? Gelato in the warmth of your home will turn that frown upside down. 

Gelato Unou is crafted by a third-generation gelato chef, whose roots come from the heart of Italy, in the warm and sunny city of Sicily. Piero is the gelato genius, who has mastered the fine guild of this delectable dessert. 

On a hot day get in early as the lines are literally out the door… and down the street.



10) Dive into a New Book

Seaford library

Image credit @artseleven

Seaford’s library may be little, but it is cozy and inviting. It has a real community feel about it. Arts Eleven artist @melanie_caple was commissioned to paint the Seaford library and community centre in 2021, which gives it an uplifting and creative feel. 

Expand your mind, get lost in a new novel, or browse the internet for free at the Seaford Library, conveniently located in the heart of town. 

The library may have become back-of-mind due to the age of technology, with kindles and e-books emerging, but it remains a pinnacle structure for the education of the masses, and an ideal place to read as many books as you want, as a member. 

Re-imagine the world, and join the exclusive club of books, for a low fee, but a high intellectual return. 

It’s a little library, but nice, cozy and welcoming. Something perfect to do on a winter’s day to get you out of the house with the kids. Or pick up a coffee and have a quiet read.


Have we left something off the list? Let us know and we can add it on to our “Why We Love Seaford – The Top 10 Best Things To See and Do”. Thanks to Mike Launder for letting us use his amazing photo of Seaford beach as the cover photo for this article.

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