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Guide to the Best Pastries in Melbourne (2024)

Guide to the Best Pastries in Melbourne (2024)

December 20, 2023
best pasteries in Melbourne

Melbourne is no stranger to delicious food and drink. A melting pot of peoples from all over the world, their cultures and cuisines blending into a mouthwatering harmony, Melbourne has sprawling main streets that offer more food than you can physically indulge in before you are patting a food baby, slowly inching towards a food coma. 


With such a vast coffee scene in Melbourne, it would be rude not to have a buttery pastry on the side. Whether you have a sweet tooth or favour the savouries, come along on this journey as we tell you all about where you can find the best pastries Melbourne has to offer. 


Noisette – Port Melbourne, Bentleigh, Kew

best pasteries in melbourne

Founded by David Menard, a 5th generation baker, Noisette is a page in a history that began with his great grandfather before 1825. From the traditional bread that was made lovingly in his great-grandfather’s first boulangerie to the variety of sweet and savoury pastries Noisette now has to offer, Menard’s ode to his family’s history and legacy is one to behold. 

At French Patisserie Noisette, you’ll find all sorts of delicious treats, from almond croissants and danishes to apple crumble and escargot. Not to mention, the bakery offers an impressive variety of bread, including rye, sourdough, spelt, and wholemeal.

Plus, in addition to takeaway service, the bakery functions as a full-fledged cafe–so you can enjoy your treat along with the well-designed interior surroundings. Test your decision making skills, and walk away happy with more food than you need. 


By Garon – Brunswick

best pasteries in melbourne by Garon

The brainchild of Garon De Angelis-Pearce, By Garon was born from a frustration that there was nowhere to purchase quality French pastries locally. Now, By Garon shoulders the burden by providing decadent sourdough croissants and flavourful coffee crafted from coffee beans from all over the world. Evolving from the textbook French patisserie techniques, By Garon even goes as far as to offer patisserie inventions such as the ‘Crumpling’ and the ‘Cronut.’ 

Grab yourself a classic croissant, or even a filled croissant flavoured with chocolate, strawberry, or matcha. And who can resist a twice-baked almond croissant? And if you really can’t decide which treat to choose, get yourself a multi-pack!

If a sweet pastry isn’t what you’re looking for, don’t miss the savoury Crumpling! By Garon has something for everyone. 


Lune – Melbourne CBD, Fitzroy, Armadale

best pasteries in Melbourne Lune

Lune Croissanterie redefines French patisserie like no other. The humble croissant is elevated to a precise science at Lune, with their perseverance for excellence evident in each visible, delicate layer of pastry. They claim not to be a shop or a factory, but the very celebration of the creation, complexity, and the ultimate enjoyment of a croissant. Founded by Kate Reid (an ex Formula 1 aerodynamicist) in 2012, Lune has transcended from a one-woman show to a five-site bakery. 

You would be remiss to not try a traditional French croissant from Lune, which is developed over 3 days. But you will be spoilt for choice nonetheless, with various croissants and danish pastries, as well as savoury pastries. Not to mention the monthly specials that the team at Lune develop using their endless creativity and dedication to their craft. Get in early though, as the cult-following Lune has amassed over the years means that there are queues around the block for a slice of pastry heaven. 


Agathe Patisserie – South Melbourne

best pasteries in Melbourne Agathe Patisserie

Step inside South Melbourne Market and you’ll find pastry chef Agathe Kerr hard at work, baking fresh French delicacies in an exposed kitchen behind the market counter that is Agathe Patisserie.

Kerr has been delighting market-goers with her homemade pastries since 2015, and her stall features bicoloured croissants infused with matcha, pandan, or cafe au lait; Nutella, salted caramel and peanut caramel custard-filled cruffins; delicately layered millefeuilles; and extravagant cheesecakes. 

If you find yourself standing in a line stretching through the market, don’t be disheartened. The wait is so worth it, and gives you time to make a decision on which treat you are going to select.


Chocolat of Mornington – Mornington

Best pasteries in melbourne chocolat of mornington

Head down the Mornington Peninsula and enjoy pastries from French Patisserie and Cafe Chocolat of Mornington. Whether you decide to eat in or take away to eat by the beach in the sun, Chocolat’s menu offers sweet treats, macarons, tarts, croissants and escargots. 

The savoury pies, baguettes, and quiches make for a lovely lunch. Whatever you choose from Chocolat, you are sure to enjoy a slice of France right on the Mornington Peninsula. 


The Hamptons Bakery – Hampton

best pasteries in melbourne 2023 the hamptons bakery

There’s no need to arrive at the new bayside bakery The Hamptons at crack of dawn for the day’s freshest pastries – the bakers here work into the afternoon to refill stock as it disappears. 

A sleek, spacious cafe, The Hamptons Bakery offers its take on modern cuisine, with a keen focus on artisan bread and pastries. You will find unusual bread at The Hamptons, such as milk buns and a pumpkin-and-soy loaf, as well as your traditional sourdough, white, dark rye and linseed, and wholemeal loaves. 

Pastries, cakes, tarts, and slices may entice your sweet tooth as well. A full dine-in menu is also on offer for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. 


Tivoli Road Bakery – South Yarra

Tivolird bakery best pasteries in melbourne

Tivoli Road is a baking institution with bread at its heart. A wide variety of bread includes their stoneground sourdough, renowned for its deeply caramelised crust and chewy, open crumb. Other interesting breads include soy and linseed, spelt and honey, multigrain, fruit and olive loaves. They also feature Baker’s Special sourdough loves with could be wholewheat, oat porridge, or macadamia and wattleseed. Their Turkish Bread, made from a slow fermented poolish dough, is also on offer daily. 


The Tivoli Road pastries range from croissants, fruit danishes, macadamia and wattleseed praline, as well as piping hot pies, sausage rolls, pasties, doughnuts, and teacakes. Tivoli Road Bakery has you sorted whether you are feeling like something sweet or savoury, with a Batch Coffee to put a spring in your step. 


Convent Bakery – Abbotsford 

convent bakery best pasteries in melbourne

Set in the picturesque grounds of the Abbotsford Convent, the Convent Bakery welcomes patrons for a delicious selection of bread, pastries, pies, cakes, and tarts. The outdoor seating area overlooks the lush lawns, perfect for warm, sunny days. The convent architecture with its vaulted ceilings and carved stonework presents as a gorgeous venue for your brunch needs. 

Wood fire ovens that were built in 1901 for the convent work to this day to produce rustic, flavourful loaves using old-fashioned bread-making techniques. The menu boasts of breakfast and lunch options, as well as a traditional afternoon tea that comes with freshly baked scones and dainty pastries. And as the day bleeds into the evening, the wood fired ovens produce fresh pizzas.


All Are Welcome – Northcote, Thornbury, Ivanhoe East

all are welcome bakery, best pasteries in melbourne 2023

Located in what used to be a Christian science reading room in Northcote in the 1950s, All Are Welcome bakery and coffee shop gained its name from the phrase in gold lettering adorning the front door of the cream brick building. Still holding onto the site’s history with the retained pews and wood panelling, the bakery features an exposed kitchen that produces some of Melbourne’s finest bakes. 


On offer are loaves of San Francisco Sourdough and Seeded Rye Sourdough, as well as various flatbreads. Aside from the traditional croissants and cinnamon buns, there are also ensaïmadas (a sweet spiral pastry from Mallorca in Spain), medovnik (a Czech honey cake), khachapuri (a traditional cheese-filled bread from the Republic of Georgia), and a Gianduja Babka Bun (a take on pain au chocolat). There are also savoury tarts and baguette sandwiches.


Choukette – Brunswick

choukettefinepastries Best pasteries in Melbourne

Set in the heart of Brunswick, Choukette has brought French patisserie to the locals. The team at Choukette offers pastries (including croissants, danishes, and escargot), as well as cakes, French baguettes, macarons, soups, casseroles, quiches, pies, sandwiches, and even jams. Enjoy their delectable treats with perfectly made coffee and cold drinks. 




Did you know we serve the most delicious pastries in Seaford! Direct from Noisette Bentleigh. Pop by and try some if you are in the Seaford / Frankston area.

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