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Where to get the Best Coffee in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs (2024)

Where to get the Best Coffee in Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs (2024)

December 22, 2023
where to get the best coffee in melbourne south eastern suburbs

Melbourne is known for its coffee and there’s no better way to experience this than to find an excellent coffee shop that you enjoy.

If you’re unsure where to begin your quest, let this be your guide to finding a coffee shop that suits you. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. Here is our guide to Melbourne’s South Eastern Suburbs (and a few on the Mornington Peninsula) coffees you need to try!

Noisette Bentleigh

412 Centre Rd, Bentleigh VIC 3204

Noisette Bakery

Who are they?

Located near the train station in Bentleigh, Noisette is a traditional French café/bakery with a rich history and an inviting urban feel – the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee. Noisette offers space for both large groups and intimate catch ups, where everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee and a side of modern French savouries, pastries, breads or cakes.


Their coffee

The coffee served at Noisette has been described by customers as “beautiful”, “delicious”, “fantastic”, “tasty” and “smooth” just to name a few of the many compliments received. Regular customers state that Noisette is a “local favourite” and a “must go” if you are passing through the area. The overall experience is classy and sophisticated, with an inviting ambience and French feel, somewhere for anyone to go and enjoy a cup of coffee.


Sons of Mary in Brighton

14 Spink St, Brighton VIC 3186

Guide to the best coffee in melbourne south east
Sons of Mary

Who are they?

A restaurant and café, Sons of Mary serve up their signature modern Australian fare for customers at breakfast, lunch and dinner. With an outdoor alfresco area, customers are welcome to soak up the sun and celebrate all that summer dining has to offer. Their passion for, and commitment to, fresh produce and quality service make this hidden gem the perfect place to gather, share and enjoy.


Their coffee

“High grade and consistent” is how many of Sons of Mary’s customers would describe their coffee. With a lively yet cosy atmosphere, this restaurant/café offers an ideal environment to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at any time of the day.



Prodigal Coffee Roasters Tyabb

1549 Frankston – Flinders Rd Service Rd, Tyabb VIC 3913

where to get the best coffee
Prodigal Coffee Roasters

Who are they?

Prodigal Coffee Roasters is a passionate coffee roaster and café located in Tyabb. They’re a local roaster producing fresh coffee beans for the Peninsula and beyond. “Cosy yet bright and fresh atmosphere and decor.”


Their coffee

They are a boutique coffee roaster on the Mornington Peninsula. They craft coffee for nerds and everyday drinkers alike. Delicious coffee, hard work and good times are what it’s about. Making delicious coffee for all. They believe that coffee should be fresh, tasty and approachable. From farm to cup, every stage is key; our piece of the puzzle is to roast super tasty coffee. Simple.


Piatella Cafe Bar in Glen Waverley 

88 Kingsway, Glen Waverley VIC 3150


Who are they?

Piatella is a multicultural café and bar located in the heart of Glen Waverly. The idea for the café was born during a family holiday to Europe and has actualised into a globally influenced dining experience. Piatella incorporates modern Australian cuisine with a European influence and ensure their coffee and food are reflections of their passion for flavour.


Their coffee

The various coffee options at Piatella ensure everyone is able to enjoy a cup of coffee just the way they like it. Piatella’s coffee is made using the signature ‘Niccolo House Blend’, a medium roast with chocolate and hazelnut notes, a floral aroma on the front palate and citrus and dark berries on the back, flavours you are sure to fall in love with.



Two Bob Snob in Cheltenham

256 Charman Rd, Cheltenham VIC 3192

where to get the best coffee melbourne south eastern suburbs
Two Bob Snob

Who are they?

From a small pop-up coffee shop to an established café and now a fully licensed venue, Two Bob Snob in Cheltenham has grown into a local favourite and one of Bayside’s finest purveyors of coffee. With cosy indoor seating as well as an inviting outdoor area, Two Bob Snob is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the sun, food and coffee.


Their coffee

The coffee at Two Bob Snob is roasted using Pillar’s beans, a Melbourne company dedicated to sourcing ethical, traceable and environmentally responsible coffee. The Prime Espresso Blend used at Two Bob Snob ensures unwavering consistency and flavour that is built upon a base of sweet caramel and chocolate notes with a floral and fruity front. If you enjoy the coffee at Two Bob Snob that much, their beans are also available to purchase and enjoy in your own home.



Mitch & Co Cafe in Tyabb

1552 Frankston – Flinders Rd, Tyabb VIC 3913

Mitch & Co Cafe

Who are they?

Mitch and Co Café in Tyabb is a popular, cosy, kid-friendly café offering a wide selection of delicious pastries, healthy meals, fresh coffee and changing specials. Across both indoor and outdoor seating, Mitch & Co café provides a modern, welcoming atmosphere with friendly staff and fast service.


Their coffee

Using Humbler Beans by Proud Mary Coffee, ensures Mitch and Co’s customers can enjoy fresh, seasonal coffee made for the people by the people. Produced in Brazil and El Salvador, Humbler beans are a big-bodied blend with notes of chocolate fudge, caramel, date and syrup. A sweet and approachable coffee sure to be enjoyed by everyone.



Mr Burch in McKinnon 

​​129 McKinnon Rd, McKinnon VIC 3204

Mr Burch

Who are they?

With an eclectic setting, Mr Burch is a small and cosy café located in the heart of McKinnon. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming as customers are invited to enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or coffee at this vintage inspired cafe. Mr Burch supports local artisan producers and creative locals with a monthly change of art display in the upstairs gallery. Sustainability is also important to Mr Burch who makes every effort to recycle, compost and strive toward zero waste.


Their coffee

Mr Burch offers their customers Supreme Blend Espresso Coffees and Single Origin Filter Coffee. The supreme blend is based around a combination of Central American coffees which provide the core flavour elements, and seasonal selections to ensure the coffee remains tasty all year round. The single-origin filter coffees are made by a single producer with flavours that are unique and special to that producer. These options ensure that everyone can enjoy a coffee that is to their flavour



Einstein’s 251 in Caulfield

251 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3161

Einstein’s 251

Who are they?

Einstein’s 251, set in the heart of Caulfield North is a café with a dedication to celebrating Albert Einstein and his Jewish heritage by combining Melbourne-style breakfast and brunch with Middle Eastern cuisine. The brick walls, suspended light bulbs and portraits of Einstein create a funky atmosphere and great vibe making this café not just somewhere to grab coffee and something to eat, but an experience that you are sure to remember.


Their coffee

Einstein’s 251 makes a delicious, Melbourne standard, cup of coffee every time. Clark Street Roasters beans create a smooth and delicious espresso that can be enjoyed black or paired with the milk of your choice. These beans paired with a La Marzocco machine provide consistently good coffee for all of Einstein’s customers to enjoy.


Coffee for the People Roasting Co. in Seaford 

37 Armstrongs Rd, Seaford VIC 3198

where to get the best coffee in Melbourne South Eastern Suburbs
CFTP Roasting Co.

Who are they?

Coffee for the People Roasting Co. are a family-owned business that roasts, sells and delivers a selection of coffee beans to both wholesale and retail customers, whilst also running a café in Seaford. They have a passion for good quality, fresh coffee and strive to provide all their customers with exactly that. So, whether you plan to buy a coffee from their café or some beans to take away, Coffee for the People Roasting Co. are bound to live up to its name, providing you with the goodness of fresh coffee.


Their coffee

The coffee from ‘Coffee for the People Roasting Co.’ begins its journey with harvesting by the farmers, where it is then sourced, cupped and roasted by ‘Coffee for the People Roasting Co.’ and finally sold to coffee-loving customers. They are constantly researching and experimenting with various types of coffee beans to ensure there are both new choices and old favourites on offer. An in-house roast team works hard to then ensure that each cup of coffee is fresh and roasted to perfection so that you have an enjoyable coffee experience.


Want some tips on making the best coffee at home? We have the guide for you.

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