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8 Health Benefits of Coffee That You Need To Know

8 Health Benefits of Coffee That You Need To Know

June 15, 2023
benefits of coffee and caffeine

Sipping a hot cup of coffee perks you up, and you are now ready to be more productive and energetic.

But did you know that apart from caffeine, coffee has other active substances and antioxidant properties? Each one of them is quite beneficial.


Benefits Of Coffee and Caffeine

The benefits of coffee are many, and it’s been a hot topic for several years now. It’s being praised for its health benefits and for its ability to give you that extra energy you need throughout the day. While you’re drinking a cup of coffee, you’re also ingesting the natural caffeine in the coffee bean. The reason why coffee is beneficial is because of the caffeine that’s in the bean. 


Caffeine boosts energy and alertness. The caffeine in a cup of coffee can also help with mental focus, cognitive function, and concentration, which is great for students, office workers, and those who need to think straight.


8 Benefits of Coffee Worth Knowing

There are so many new benefits of drinking coffee and caffeine, but let’s dive into the top ones worth knowing about. 

  • Helps in Burning Fat
  • Improves Physical Performance
  • Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Shields From Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia
  • Guards Against Gout
  • Adjusts Hormone Levels
  • Keeps your Heart Safe
  • Assists in Energising the Body


Tell me more about these health benefits of coffee and caffeine:

1. Coffee Helps in Burning Fat

If you’re a coffee lover, it’s time to rejoice. Coffee can help you lose weight and burn fat! Say what? I can drink coffee and burn fat at the same time 😮?


Coffee can help individuals feel less drained and increase energy levels. This is because it contains an energiser called caffeine. Perhaps, it is the most devoured psychoactive substance. In addition, caffeine separates the body fat by breaking it down. That is to say, it makes the fat unsaturated and freely accessible as fuel. Now that is exciting.


But, if you are looking at burning fat, maybe go for fat free milk, and avoid a sugary iced coffee (no ice cream). 


2. Caffeine Improves Physical Performance

Caffeine is the go to supplement for athletes. It builds adrenaline levels in your blood which activates your flight hormone and readies your body for extreme physical workouts. In short it gives you that extra jolt of energy to power through the day is what makes it so popular. So maybe you’ll feel up to going for that afternoon run?

3. Caffeine can lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

In recent research studies, caffeine has been found to lower blood glucose levels. This is possible by helping the body use insulin and secure insulin-delivering cells which allows the effective regulation of glucose. As a result, it forestalls tissue harm and battles inflammation. 


But again caffeine will only help with this if you avoid adding that teaspoon of sugar to your daily coffee. 

4. Caffeine can Shield From Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is the most widely recognised neurodegenerative disorder. It is the primary reason for dementia worldwide. This condition typically influences individuals over 65, and there is no known fix.


In any case, there are a few things you can do that may assist. Diet and exercise are contributing factors, as well as your cup of coffee! So why is caffeine a health benefit to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia? It’s because caffeine has a positive effect on cognitive functioning. Apparently it doesn’t mean you wont get Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, but caffeine and coffee can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.

5. Coffee can Guard Against Gout

Gout you say? Yes it’s not just that old disease from the distant past, it is still around in 2021. Gout can be caused by foods you eat (and drink). High groupings of uric acid can cause gout. So, lots of fish and meat. The antioxidant properties of coffee reduce insulin which is known to result in reduced uric acid levels. 

6. Coffee Adjusts Hormone Levels

Hormone adjusting impacts: Researchers at Harvard University found that ladies who drank a few (two or more) cups of coffee each day were less inclined to suffer endometrial malignancy.


Coffee lessens overactive levels of hormones, consequently decreasing estrogen and insulin which are major factors attributed to developing endometrial malignancy.

7. Coffee Keeps your Heart Safe

2 to 4 cups of coffee every day brings down the dangers of heart disease, heart failure, and stroke. Drinking coffee can help decrease irritation in the arteries. Hence, you diminish the risk of creating coronary illness.

8. Coffee Assists in Energising the Body

Ok this is a biggie – and probably the one you most notice. Coffee helps in fighting early morning or evening weariness. Caffeine can help support your energy and performance to help you get the most out of your day!


What else do I need to know about the health benefits of coffee? Coffee and its health benefits on the mind and mental wellbeing. 

Coffee not only affects you physically, but also there are mental health benefits. 


“Coffee has so many benefits for the sensors. Not only does coffee help you stay focused and alert. It is a healthy way to take a break in your day, step back and relax for that moment, away from work and the kids. The simple act of going to your local coffee shop, and ordering a coffee can be a massive positive on your mental health. You are interacting with others, taking in all the lovely aromas – and relaxing even just for that brief 5 minutes.” Psychology teacher Sarah, and owner of The Sensory Specialist.


Here in Melbourne, going down to the local coffee shop and getting your favourite brew, chatting with the barista, is a way of life. For some people, it might be their only social interaction in their day. 

How do I get the most health benefits out of my coffee and caffeine?

As we have mentioned. Try avoiding adding sugar into your coffee. Instead buy a good quality bean, where the flavour speaks for itself and you don’t need to add that sugar. Why not try our You’re Special Blend, it’s already got a lovely chocolate and hazelnut flavour to it, so no sugar is needed. 


Sleep plays a massive factor in your overall health. So try to avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon and evening. This way the caffeine is less likely to interrupt your sleep, and you will have a solid rest in the night.


Quality not quantity. Choose a quality bean and brand. Some beans are heavily processed with chemicals and pesticides. Why not try our Natural washed HOUSE #TWO BLEND coffee bean? It’s a bold and super clean coffee.



Coffee is known worldwide for its ability to wake you up, give you energy and help you focus; but there are many other health benefits of coffee that you probably didn’t know about, and these are just a handful of them. Scientists are continually researching the benefits of caffeine and coffee, so keep an ear out, as I bet there will be more to come.


Coffee is great for your health and anyone can drink it. So drink up and enjoy all of the many benefits coffee has to offer. These health benefits are subject to the amount of coffee you consume in a day. Why not try a variety of coffee? Connect with Coffee for the People Roasting Co. and explore our range delivered to your doorstep in just a few clicks!


Did we leave a crucial health benefit of coffee and caffeine off our list? Or do you have a story to tell about how coffee has positively impacted your health? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you.


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  1. Thanks for pointing out that you could get the most out of your day when you consider coffee because caffeine can help support your energy and performance. This makes me consider hiring a coffee cart service next Friday for my husband. He has been complaining about sleepiness during the day, so your tips are surely helpful.

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