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What is the difference between Iced Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee?

February 15, 2021

Coffee is one of the most sought-after beverages around the globe. As the coffee market has evolved, access to countless different varieties of brewing methods has become available, making coffee in even higher demand. There are now so many choices, sometimes placing an order at your local can be a little daunting!
Two popular types of coffee are iced coffee and cold brew coffee. Though they seem similar in name, they are vastly different both in the brewing method and the end result. Let’s look at how different they are.
Iced Coffee and Cold Brew Coffee – Why are they Different?
Here are some of the significant differences between iced coffee and cold brew coffee:

Misunderstanding with similarity in names
What’s in a name? Though iced coffee and cold brew coffee sound similar, they are very different in both brewing method and end result. Iced coffee is made using either espresso or regularly brewed hot coffee which is then poured over ice and combined with milk to make it an “iced latte”, or with water to make it an “iced americano”. Cold brew is made using cold or room temperature water which is then brewed over time and filtered to be combined with milks and ice or enjoyed on its own.

Difference in flavours
Different brewing methods bring out different characteristics and flavour notes in coffee, depending on your palate and your tastes you’ll like some better than others! Iced coffee is hot and then cooled quickly using ice which produces more acidic and bitter tones, with a balanced and aromatic taste.
Meanwhile, cold brew coffee is more concentrated than regular iced coffee. The use of cold or room temperature water over a longer brewing time results in a coffee with low acidity and bitterness which also produces a naturally sweeter and smoother taste.

Difference in brewing methods
Are you thinking ahead, or do you just want to get that delicious coffee in your cup? Making iced coffee is a lot quicker than brewing cold brew coffee. You basically brew your regular hot coffee using an espresso machine, filter, plunger, or any other method you might have and then pour it into a glass of ice. Cold brew coffee is made by placing ground coffee into paper filter which is then submerged into cold or room temperature water and brewed over 14 – 24 hours.
So they sound similar but they are actually very different. Either way you’ll get a delicious coffee fix and that makes it worth giving both a try! What’s your favourite?
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