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The Most Popular Coffee Orders

June 08, 2021

Have you ever felt confused about choosing a perfect coffee from an extensive menu in a coffee shop? Or have you ever wondered how to pick the best one while standing in a queue? Sometimes, you end up picking one of them without finding the right distinction.

Well, you are not alone. It happens to a lot of us.

We take you on a tour of the most popular coffee drink orders today.

1. Americano:

It is a diluted espresso with a much more intense taste. It refers to a warm Italian drink cited as “American coffee”.

2. Affogato:

Adding an extra divine flavour to the brownie, it is a shot of espresso (or two) over vanilla ice cream.

3. Caffe Breve:

Breeve is an espresso drink with a solid caffeine base and steamed half-and-half, resulting in a creamy foam.

4. Café au lait:

This traditional French drink is relatively easy to prepare. Mix some dark roasted beans with a splash of hot milk and serve in a bowl.

5. Cortado:

Prepare the coffee from equal sections of espresso and steamed milk and your cortado is ready. It doesn’t have to be frothed or creamy textured.

6. Cappuccino:

It’s topped with a thick foam layer of steamed milk. Cappuccino comes in vanilla, chocolate and other flavours.

7. Cold Brew:

This iced coffee is a smooth, refreshing beverage by steeping finely ground coffee in chilled water.

8. Doppio:

Doppio is a warm drink with two espresso shots.

9. Flat White:

A thick espresso drink with lightly frosted milk.

10. Frappuccino:

This cold, mixed coffee drink is sweet and flavourful. Usually, it is crowned with whipped cream and chocolate.

11. Long Black:

Not a fan of milk in your coffee? This is the way to go. Aromatic with a strong base, the long black is any coffee lovers go-to wake up call!

12. Iced coffee:

A simple one, iced coffee includes coffee with ice, milk and cream

13. Irish coffee:

Irish whiskey is paired with filter coffee and served with a light coating of freshly whipped cream in this chic coffee cocktail.

14. Lattes:

An espresso drink with brewing milk finished with a splash of foam.

15. Lungo:

An espresso with a long pull or prolonged extraction.

16. Mocha:

A chocolate caffeine beverage with some whipped cream and topped with chocolate syrup.

17. Macchiato:

An italian espresso beverage with hot or frothed milk.

18. Red Eye:

By adding an espresso shot to an everyday cup of coffee, a red-eye increases the amount of caffeine.

19. Ristretto:

An espresso drink with warm water, Ristretto has a sweeter taste.

20. Turkish Coffee:

You get powdered Turkish coffee when coffee grounds are brewed in a specific pot with sugar and cardamom. Want your coffee sent direct to your door? Here at Coffee for the People Roasting Co. we have got you covered with our indulgent coffee range.

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