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Spice It Up: 5 (Unlikely Yet Tasty) Additions to Spruce Up Your Coffee

Spice It Up: 5 (Unlikely Yet Tasty) Additions to Spruce Up Your Coffee

October 07, 2022

Are you someone who needs coffee at least 3-4 times a day and want to spice it up? 

Well, who are we kidding; we all need it to power through the day and dodge lethargy. And, at times, the everyday black espresso might just feel mundane and lifeless.

That’s when you let your creativeness free and experiment with your coffee. Spruce Up Your Coffee with a little spice.



Whether you’re a huge coffee drinker or not, you’ll be surprised at how many ways you can spice up your coffee experience.

Whether it’s the flavours you choose or the amount of caffeine you like, there’s something for everyone.

Remember to start small. We don’t want you to ruin a perfectly good brew.


5 Simple additions to spruce up your coffee

Coffee is a drink enjoyed by so many, but most people just stick to the regular black coffee (maybe they go wild and add a dash of cold milk). But there are so many different flavours you can put in your coffee that will make it so much more interesting. Don’t get me wrong – Coffee is delicious all by itself, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t experiment with some different flavourings. 


The simplest thing to do is to add some milk and some sugar, but that doesn’t change the flavour much. 


You could also try some sweeteners like honey, chocolate, or vanilla. These are pretty common and you can get them at almost any grocery store. But there’s a lot more you could do. If you want as much flavour as possible, you can buy flavouring that’s meant to be put in coffee. It’s basically concentrated coffee flavouring, so you only need a little bit to get a lot of flavour.


Additions to make your coffee more exciting

Coffee is the black gold of the world. Every person drinks it, yet no one really knows what makes it so appealing. Some people drink it because it’s the only way they’ll get their caffeine fix. Others drink it because it’s the only thing that will get them through their early morning meeting, and they need that quick pick me up. 


What is it that makes coffee so appealing to people? Is it the aroma, the taste, or maybe that caffeine that gives them that extra oomph in the morning? Coffee is often associated with everyday life, but the truth is that the average person doesn’t go much further than ordering the same coffee every day. Sure, some people are adventurous enough to try out new flavors, but the majority of people are stuck in their ways. The truth is, coffee shops have a lot to offer aside from just plain coffee. 


You can order coffee in hundreds of different ways, but most people order the same thing every day. Why not go wild and try something a little different next time you place your order?


Why make additions to the coffee you drink every day?

Changing up your order not only gives you a new experience, but also gives you a chance to try something new. Change is often hard, but after reading this blog you will be empowered to order something different at your favourite coffee shop. I am a big fan of coffee and I am always looking for new and interesting ways to get my daily energy and caffeine. I am also a fan of doing things differently and not getting stuck in a rut of ordering the same thing or eating the same food all the time. 


Give a fresh spin on a classic.


So, to kickstart this, here are some really cool ingredients that might enhance your regular coffee.


Our top 5 additions to spruce up your coffee:

  • Cardamom
  • Salt
  • Condensed Milk
  • Alcohol
  • Ice Cream


5 Hacks to spice your coffee up:

CARDAMOM in your coffee

Cardamom is a Middle Eastern spice that imparts an unusual flavour to coffee, equivalent to ginger that belongs to the same family. Add a pinch or two of whole or ground cardamom pieces into a mug of black coffee. This will not only give you a soothing feeling but also has health benefits. 


What are the health benefits of cardamom?

Cardamom is widely used to prepare Ayurvedic medicines. In coffee, it will help counterbalance the effect of caffeine. Cardamom is used as an anti-inflammatory. It is also known for its antioxidant and Diuretic properties. 


SALT in your coffee

No, we haven’t gone completely mad, and this might sound really unusual and a bad idea, but it helps you get rid of the bitterness of coffee.


Some of us like our coffee bitter, but for those who don’t, salt is for you. And no, your coffee is not going to taste salty unless you add more than necessary. Give it a try one day, we dare you (but remember just a pinch to start you off).


CONDENSED MILK in your coffee

This one is for the sweet tooth. Unlike regular milk, condensed milk is thicker, heavier, creamier, and sometimes even sweeter. You can mostly find this type of coffee in Vietnam or Southeast Asian countries. It might not make a huge difference, but you might feel more satisfied due to its thickness. This ingredient might not be ideal if you’re looking to cut down on weight or incorporate a healthier lifestyle. 


Hot Tip –  Condensed milk in your coffee is a great idea when hiking. It’s something I always do when camping, as it means you can have a lovely brew, but don’t have to worry about keeping milk refrigerated. It also means I don’t need to carry both milk and sugar. It’s the 2 in 1 perfect combo. It comes in a handy tube in your local supermarket.


ALCOHOL in your coffee


Again, a rather weird concoction, but surely worth a try. The renowned Irish coffee consists of whiskey. And, the espresso martini is made with a bit of vodka in it. However, something to keep in mind is that you must use the correct measurements to pair the two of them together otherwise it won’t taste the best. This combo is often found in restaurants as an after dinner pick-me-up. 


Not recommended for before midday 😝.


ICE CREAM in your coffee

Finally, the last way that will certainly become your favourite is by adding ice cream. 


Add a scoop of your preferred flavour of ice cream; maybe choc-chip, cookie crumble, vanilla, or even butterscotch. It is up to you! It might not be the healthiest of options, but it is definitely fun and yummy. 

You could add it on the top of your cold coffee or pour some hot coffee on top of ice cream. In an Italian restaurant it might be called an Affogato. Or you also have your good old fashioned iced coffee with a scoop of ice cream. 



Coffee by itself is a great drink. Experiment with different additions to find a combo you like.

Sprinkle a few of these ideas in your next brew and give it a go. You might just give up your regular favourite coffee order. 


Want to try these weird and wonderful additions to spruce up your coffee? Coffee for the People Roasting is your go-to for your coffee needs (although our coffee beans are the bomb and are pretty awesome just on their own).. Shop online today – or pop by our Seaford cafe and order something new. 


Another way to spruce it up is to try a different bean blend. Have we left a crucial coffee addition off the list? Or do you have a wild and wonderful addition we should be trying in our coffee? We would love to hear what your favourite thing to add to spruce up your coffee – Let us know in the comments below. 


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