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Coffee Blends Vs Single Origin Coffee

February 15, 2021

The word origin is one of the most used terminologies when talking about coffee. Origin is a term used in the coffee world to signify the country of origin from where the coffee beans have been sourced. Roasters are selective in the beans they source as each origin creates a unique coffee product with distinctive flavour profiles. The end coffee result will either be:

• Blend Roast
• Single Origin Roast

Blends and Single Origin: What’s the Difference?
Coffee blending is basically a process of sourcing coffee beans from multiple origins which are then roasted and mixed. Blending coffee takes advantage of the various characteristics found in different coffee beans throughout the world, which creates complimentary flavour profiles, balance, consistency, and complexity.
Single origin coffee comes from a single country or farm. As opposed to a blended coffee, roasting a single origin coffee highlights the characteristics of that specific region and can have a flavour density and clarity that appeals differently to blends.

Coffee Experience
The experience you have between drinking a blend as opposed to a single origin coffee can be vastly different. A single origin coffee can create a more personal coffee experience as the drinker is transported to a particular place which allows them to appreciate the finer nuances of the coffee characteristics and notes. You can even trace the flavour of your coffee back to the characteristics of the farm where it was grown — the soil, the growing conditions during that season, and even the plants that grew near the coffee crop. Every batch of single-origin coffee is unique, which is what makes it special.
A coffee blend can create complexities and flavour balances not possible with a single origin coffee. As more origins are introduced to the mix a variety of elements provides a layering of flavours, mouthfeels, aromas, and an aftertaste that creates a well-rounded brew. Cafes love using blends as their main offering to create consistency for their customers.

Which Should I Buy?
Should you buy single origin coffees or stick to blends? There’s so much variation between roast styles and flavours than ever before so it can be an overwhelming decision! There are so many great coffee flavours to explore and discover, it’s a good idea to compare the strengths and weaknesses of coffee blends and single origin coffees.

The biggest strength of single origin coffees is the flavour diversity and clarity of taste in the cup. They allow us to explore the world of coffee and highlights the hard work of the farmers producing high quality coffee beans.

The biggest weakness of single origin coffees is their tendency to be inconsistent. With such a wide range of flavours it’s expected that each bean may require different brewing techniques to “dial in” the flavour. This may sound like a fun challenge to some coffee enthusiasts, but it can become frustrating for coffee lovers who enjoy a consistent cup.

The biggest strength of coffee blends is their balance and consistency. Roasters can create a smoother and more well-rounded experience by blending coffees and using complimentary flavour notes to create a consistency in the cup.

The biggest weakness of coffee blends is the lack of the most exotic and exclusive flavours. Even with the added complexity, blends sometimes lack a certain shining quality that are more common with single origins. Sometimes the most peculiar flavours of single origins are the ones that excite us the most.

Most people tend to lean towards one style or the other. Are you up for exploring the more specialised and diverse flavours of single origins, or do you enjoy the complex and smooth flavour profiles of blends?

You can choose a specially selected single origin coffee or a perfectly balance blend from Coffee For the People Roasting Co. Discover our range and order your choice of brew straight to your door!

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