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Why We Love Cold Brew Coffee

Why We Love Cold Brew Coffee

October 10, 2023
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Did you know that we make cold brew coffee and sell it to restaurants and bars across Melbourne? You can also pick up a bottle at our Seaford Cafe!

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CAN BE USED FOR: iced latte, iced americano (cold black coffee basically), espresso martinis or other cocktails, milkshakes, iced coffees, marinades and even coffee ice cubes

SERVING AMOUNT: 1L yields approx. depending on ratio making – 10 -15 x iced lattes/iced coffees/milkshakes etc, 23 espresso martinis, HEAPS of ice cubes haha

COST: $20 per Litre or $18 with bottle exchange

SHELF LIFE: Lasts approx 2 weeks kept in fridge from purchase date

cold brew coffee faqs


Our tasty cold brew is expertly made with a unique two bean blend from Colombia and Ethiopia, chosen for the optimal cold brew extraction. This blend results in a bold and full-flavored base for all types of coffee drinks and provides rich caramel, chocolate and fruity notes.

Perfect for busy mornings, this cold brew is a quality coffee with a gorgeous aroma that is ready made for your convenience. It is to be kept refrigerated and will last approximately 2 weeks from date of purchase. You can order CFTPs Cold Brew Coffee in store at 37 Armstrong Road, Seaford, Victoria, 3198. 



Since our cold brew is concentrated, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to making drinks and other things with it. The flavours will be pronounced, no matter what you mix it with. So the options are endless, experiment! 


Iced drinks: Iced lattes, Iced coffee, mochas or iced americano (basically cold black coffee) are popular beverages, especially in the summertime. Cold brew is perfect for iced drinks as the concentrated coffee prevents the flavours from being muted by the ice. 

Cocktails: Espresso martinis, espresso negroni or White Russian and Black Russians are just a few examples of the cocktails that can be created. 

Milkshakes: Coffee and caramel, mocha or coffee. 

Coffee ice cubes: Freezing cold brew into ice cubes is very trendy right now! Coffee ice cubes are the perfect way to keep your coffee strong and flavorful, without diluting the taste. If you want to enjoy your iced coffee at a slower pace, coffee ice cubes are a great way to keep your drink rich and full-bodied.

cold brew ice cubes

Ice cream: add cold brew to ice cream for a rich and smooth coffee flavour that lasts! Or even better an icy pole.

Marinades: Coffee is not only rich in flavor, but its acidity also makes it a great tenderizer to use with meats as a marinade. Cold brew is much less acidic than regular coffee so it offers the same effect but with a much smoother mouthful, giving a better flavour profile to your meals. 

Baked goods + snacks: Coffee can go into cakes, muffins, slices and even protein balls.



The bottle itself contains approximately 1L of our quality cold brew which can yield many servings. The amount of servings depends on how strong you like your coffee and what ratios you use.

On average, 1L of cold brew will make 10-15 iced lattes/ iced coffees or milkshakes, meaning it is very cost effective as it works out to be $1-2 per drink! If making a cocktail, such as an espresso martini the bottle will make up to 23 which is $0.87 per serve! As for ice cubes, you will have countless! 


We also offer a bottle exchange program to give returning customers a discount. The first bottle is priced at $20 per litre. If you return the empty bottle to us then you get the next litre for $18. We package our cold brew into reusable glass bottles which are more sustainable and helps to reduce cost for our customers. 



Cold brew coffee was first seen in Japan in the 1600s. It was known as Kyoto-style coffee as this was where it was most popular at the time. They had been brewing cold tea for many years. Some believe that they got the idea for cold brew coffee from Dutch traders as they say that the people would transport their coffee that way on the ships.

Over time they perfected Cold brew as they discovered that the longer it brews for, the more flavour they can extract. Today Japanese/Kyoto-style coffee is made drop by drop. They only allow a single drop at a time to pass through the coffee to maximise the taste. 

In the early to mid 2000s, cold brew began to gain popularity in coffee shops and cafes around the world. Nowadays, big coffee chains have jumped on board and it is now accessible to the public and is now in high demand. 



Drinking coffee provides a wide variety of benefits. Coffee has a positive impact on health when used in moderation. It has been proven to decrease the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and diseases that are neurodegenerative in nature.

Cold brew is also less bitter and acidic which means that people don’t need to use as much milk, sugar and cream to make their coffee more palatable. This is less calorie dense and is a healthier alternative. It’s a great choice before exercise!

Is cold brew coffee fattening? 

No, cold brew itself is not fattening. It is made of 100% coffee concentrate so contains almost no calories, sugar or fat. If cold brew is consumed black with water and ice then it is very low calorie and can be considered a healthy drink. However, most people add ingredients such as milk, cream and sugar to their coffee, all of which would add calories, sugar and fat to the drink. 


Is cold brew coffee stronger than regular coffee? 

Cold brew is much stronger than regular coffee. The process of making cold brew is completely different to regular hot coffee. To make cold brew, coffee beans are steeped in room temperature water for at least 12 hours, then strained so that it’s a pure concentrate. To get a strong concentrate, a higher coffee to water ratio is used. So although heat helps to extract caffeine more efficiently from coffee beans than cold, cold brew is stronger, simply because of the volume of coffee beans used. 


What is special about cold brew coffee?

espresso martini with cold brew coffee

Better taste: The method of making cold brew coffee is simple but it does take a bit of time. Steeping the coffee grounds in cold water for at least 12 hours is what creates the more condensed and less bitter flavor. Hot water releases the bitter elements of coffee, but steeping it in ice-cold water prevents this from happening and makes the beans have a naturally sweeter flavor overall. 


Less acidity: Do you know that brew coffee using cold water instead of hot water creates coffee with much lower acidity? This is excellent news for those of us with sensitive stomachs as cold brew coffee has up to 65% less acidity. The hot water used in regular brewing methods pulls out the oils that carry acid from the coffee beans, resulting in a more bitter taste. Cold brew coffee is much smoother and is easier on your stomach because the lower acidity levels allow you to enjoy your cup of joe without worrying about heartburn or indigestion.


Versatile: Cold brew can be used to make a myriad of different foods and beverages and is a cheaper alternative to buying coffee at a cafe each day. Check out our comprehensive guide to cold brew coffee cocktails.


Does cold brew coffee have sugar in it? 

cold brew iced coffee

No, cold brew doesn’t contain anything other than pure coffee concentrate and some water. 


Is cold brew coffee stronger than espresso? 

Cold brew is not always stronger than espresso if comparing ml for ml. It can however have more if the serving size is larger which it often is. The increased coffee to water ratio gives cold brew a much stronger flavour than espresso though. 


We Love Cold Brew Coffee

There are so many things you can do with Cold Brew Coffee.

Check out some of our recipes like; Australian Iced Latte, Coffee Icy Poles, Black Russian Cocktail Recipe, White Russian Cocktail Recipe, Chocolate Coffee Mug Muffin and Coffee Protein Balls.


Looking for some cold brew coffee for your restaurant or cafe? Give us a call to find out more.

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